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Photography is the only way to capture “time in a bottle” and the everlasting scent of the moment.

Forever ~

It is easy for him to show is undying love;
It is easier for him to forget how to love.
It is easy for her to accept the warmth and affection.
It is easier for her to turn the other cheek.
A man and a woman fall to pieces in love with each other;
Express their undying true affection for each other,
Vow to live together forever, with each other.
Then the cloud breaks;
The skies are getting dark;
The sun glistens less, and less until;
She turns you on.
She turns off when the demand for sensuality comes to play;
She turns cold as ice on a warm summer day.
He feels beaten
Tore down and threatened
Give it to me Now.
The tension builds,
Who is going to break?
Certainly Not He, it was not his mistake.
What happens when love grows cold?
What happens when things get old?
Can time turn back to yesterday
When He and She lusted for each other day after day.
Communicate, share, pulsate for one another and really, really Care.
This too will pass,
With the breaking Wind,
One day He will Love her again.
Then her cheek will gently press,
Against the warmth of his rugged chest.
At Last once again love has been found,
He remembers why he loved her without the frown.
Her eyes begin to sparkle, glistening with joy,
Hold on to each other,
Never let go of each other,
Love each other,
Be One Together, Forever,
As One Together ~

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