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Please Read~ I am praying for a miracle

Hi Ya’ll ~!
For the first time in my life I have answers to my health problems and WHY I have been suffering with these auto immune disorders for sooooo long. Since 7 at my first diagnosis of Lupus.

EVERYONE, I need your help. I have never asked for anyones help in this sort of way. But I am a very reserved young woman and have been all of my life. My adopted parents are God’s biggest Gift to me, and Man am I thankful for them because besides our 4 Kiddos and My Hubby, they are literally my only living Family that I know Loves me unconditionally through and through,. My adopted Dad and Mom have graciously been by my side taking me in as their own child for soooo many years. I do not have a lot of “friends” and no family to go to to ask for help. And I am NOT the woman that has ever asked for this kind of help. I absolutely WOULD NOT ASK for the word to be spread here if I wasnt so desparate to finally be healed.

I started a fund raiser for MYSELF at GoFundMe.com. I need to raise $2,450 to give myself the gift of LIFE. Within this post I paste a link to my GoFundMe Campaign. An anonymous gracious God Loving person donated $50 towards my FundRaiser to save my life.
YAY~! So exciting.

So far in my 35 years of life I have not yet learned how to promote myself or to catch the eye of the public. I am shy and reserved. There for I am clueless how to make money to help myself. SALES on RedBubble would be FANTASTIC because then I know that money spent is money spent on My Art that someone magically LOVES. I have sold 84 Twist On Christmas Greeting cards in 3+ years which has earned me a total of $24.79. Last month a huge order for the buyer was made and MAN I am still on that CLOUD with enthusiasm and shock and Love and AWE that I touched a loving sould with MY ART. AMAZING Feeling. The purchaser bought a good handful for herself, however, My earnings to date are just under $35 for 104 greeting card and 4 Photographic Prints. My Dream is to EARN the money. Its very humbling to actually set up my own fund raiser. Some might think that is selfish, and in a God loving and LIFE loving way it is because I want to live. My Liver is very cancerous. I have had to separate Naturopaths that do not know of each other and live 120 miles a part tell me the same thing. The good news though is that its fixable. I am calling my Medical Doctor on Monday and asking for a blood test to see how bad it is, or if its even going to be bad enough to test positive. OF COURSE No one wants to find out they have cancer, But I NEED TO KNOW and I have to make sure of it. Either way I am prepared for both answers. I am ready to fix me.

So God is holding me in his Loving arms and guiding me to find out the truth of the matter that is causing my health to decline so quickly.

So far the FACTS Are, I have a monster Tapeworm Living deep inside of me and I am literally infested with tapeworms and their nests and their eggs are hatching daily. The weaker my body gets the stronger the Tapeworms get and the more they multiply.
I am also infested with Parasites. WE all have them but my body is a yummy place for them to reside because my immune system is shot. And therefore, they do not pass through bowel movements because I am so unhealthy. The average person who has regular bowel movements naturally release parasites becasue their immune system is great and pushes the fecal matter out naturally……….


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