I Think

Numb with rage, / but I was born— / I think— / of desire.

A Longer Walk

up the contour of her tight jeans, and midriff baring black shirt with “Blow Me” in red lettering across her ample breasts, up to her porce…

The Long Walk

“It’s not like I don’t deserve to be here—” I cut off, bracing myself as another of the frequent sandstorms started.

No Comments Attached

There’s ink on my lips and ink on my heart, / there’s red pen on these tips as I tear myself apart.

A Stronger Man than I

No one ever said it was easy. / It didn’t have to be easy, / I never said I wanted it be easy.

A Smoker’s Lament

I needed to lose a lover, / but couldn’t quite decide


How do you not feel bad for that girl


“If it were easy, man, then we’d all be doing it.”

Rental Only

“Rent starts at 1,800 and goes up to 6,000.”

Hard Rain

“You remind me like of rain, but not like all rain, just the good kind, the hard kind.”


It was a winter kiss on a summer night, all frost and heat tangled into passion.


And dream just a little longer to the end of the song


Will she dance in the dark? / How does she kiss in the morning?

Used and Forgotten

Pull my hair then pull me in and tell me / “This isn’t impermanence,

Deadening Weight

More questions than answers / as I answer all the addictions

Posthumous Romance

you’ll bury me beneath the weight

Those Who Burn Brightest

Some women you can’t help but want to keep…


“I want to turn you on,” / Bruised and strained,

More Than

…happy for the sake of laughter, / ignoring the throngs of chatter, / and content being no one other than me.

All You Need

She whispered it into the silence of the room as if afraid it would be challenged.

Overdose of Dreams

Over and above everything else


It was an idle question.


It was hope / and it was a dream / and it was irreplaceable.


If tears were an ocean / and the ocean was in me / then I’d cry for all the years / I’ve drowned in the sea.

I Played

With hands that ached from the bitter cold,



A Beginning

No story is a story without a proper beginning. And no beginning is proper if it didn’t have a girl. / Stash had a girl once.


These stains are in me. / As I look around and wonder / What’s happened to this city?

An Awkward Conversation

“C’mon, c’mon.” She rolled her hand in that hurry-it-up way he hated almost as much as being hurried. “What’s on your mind?”

Sing Song

Between something / Dark / and something / Worse / and something / Reborn

Normal as T.V.

It was April 16, 1984.


It’s been a long fucking road I thought

Shades of Gray

He said “demon” and she said “go to hell.” Been there, done that, bit hot for me, thanks.


Broken goes with bent / Like headaches go with nonsensical tests / That test the limit of the mess / Of confusion regarding…

That Kind of Girl

Headlong hormones / and the rush of indecision
Lost in the Work Place by Dave Legere

Life List

I have a life list that looks neurotic / and fantasies that are neurotic / if nothing else besides romantic,


A tremor in the eye / a shudder at his kind

The Devil Wears Khaki Pants

At the end of the day, in the words of Billy Joel, “I’d rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints…”

Eulogy of Fresh Laundry

The grass wasn’t cool, but it tickled my bare ankles; my chair wasn’t remarkably comfortable, but it was mine; and the train in…


I saw my first sunrise on my twenty-fifth birthday.

Forever Alone

Beneath the darkened sky, / And the reverent eye / of a girl who sees more than she says, / hates more than she loves, / and loves more t…


Compounded spaces / and all that’s left / are the residual traces / of a nervous gesture.

Street Walker

The feel of her lips / amid the sound, / and the corruption that visits / gathers everyone around,


Walking was one of the few things he could still do on his own, and he’d be goddamned if he let that go easily.

Pretty Things

I’ve seen so many ladies, / I’ve seen so many women, / I’ve seen so many pretty things / straight from heaven.


Bit of lipstick / on the / nightstand,

All I Could Say

And every unlit cigarette’s / just another burn hole / in my sense of needing you less / than I needed a drag.

A Series of Images

Sit and remember / an idea, / captured / in an image, / hidden / within a photo, / disguised / beneath a blood stain.


Worse, his soul, or essence, or karma, or jive, or whatever the hell you want to call it, was about as black as the lungs of a thirty-year …

And the Dance Continues

It was just past four o’clock on a Wednesday that’d started out as any other Wednesday in the history of mid-week boredom.

Gray, Dorian, age 25

Write this. Right now. / Better yet. / Burn this. Right now. / And maybe you can save yourself.

Back to that Night

Hell, not for me to claim one God over another. / I’m not claiming you as a goddess / but I sure as shit can’t find a word / that doesn’…

The Other Guy

She fingers my convictions with a dry knuckle, / And whispers the words / “you’re not able. / You want me to be your whore?”

Stand By Me

as I’m face down on the floor, / as my stomach’s getting pumped, / as all inspiration’s nothing new, / and I’m nothing more than a dried…


No wonder I couldn’t satisfy, / all the shit we’ll never go through, / all the lives we’ll never live through / are becoming very clear …

Guggenheim Museum

If she were a drug then he knew instantly that he’d end up as another of those overplayed songs, dead in a back alley. ‘At least I’d die wi…


All my sins are just cheap fantasies played out in someone else’s backyard.

Headlights on a Highway

Headlights on a highway, / thinking of disaster, / but also thinking of all those places I’ve never been.

Just Another Road

But as I drove down this road that could’ve been the same road I always traveled, I couldn’t help feeling like they all have to go somewher…

Moment for the Moment

A streetlight flickered off and on, never quite one but always a little of the other.

Final Run at the Boardwalk

There was a crunch underneath my sneakers of loose stone pressed flat, worn smooth by countless others, and trampled beneath the weight of …

Not So Young

A song drifted across the porch, (Van Morrison cloaking itself around a woman that was once a girl), and I was so grateful that I didn’t ha…

Surprising Smiles

He was jolly, clad in red, and morbidly obese. It had to be Santa. He said, “Ho, ho, ho. Merry Christmas!”

Ain’t Listen’n

With my ear pressed to the cold tracks listen’n / To the train that ain’t really coming,

Drunken Lyrics

Hidden between the subway platform and the streets, / Tucked neatly behind the stars and midnight, / You lose yourself to everyone / But wh…


Drip…drips…drip. Every drip was another drop from a forty foot ledge into an inky black pool of regret.

Autumn Rain

Water scaled down the drab buildings, dripped from torn awnings, collected in the gouges of the sidewalk, slid into foul sewers, mixed with…

Is It So Hard

“I could be dead for all you care. You want to leave,” he waved a dismissive hand, gesturing toward the squalor of the small apartment outs…

Bread Crumbs

He half-expected his father to shout from the other room, “of course things change, look at me, I’m dead. You’re alive, and I’m dead.”


I cried out to a god I’ve never seen, / while facing down demons.

Living Stone

If one didn’t know better than they’d think she was sculpted of marble from an artist at the height of their career.

Coin Operated Character

Every skilled pick of the strings was another pick of the imagination. Every clear chord resounded in my heart like a gong, vibrating loude…


Miles from where you are, / but only minutes from where I should be / there is ice.

King of the Kitchen

I thought of taking it in the bedroom. / ‘If only’ I mused ‘I wasn’t too drunk to remember.’

Wedding Speech

It’s not easy to say there are some faces we never forget.

Tempting Proposition

‘No, I won’t sell my soul, shut up, stop asking, and get out of my head. Get out of my head, I won’t sell my soul.’

Goodbye San Fran

San Francisco, / with the flowers in your hair. / Mold them into killers.

Spirit of an Age

Grass, with its fiery roots burning hot in hell, / while it burns hot in my lungs, / and I just pray for release.

Aging Lists

She deftly rolled the guitar pick between her fingers like an aged rock star, despite having never played.
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