Pax Empire is a group of Melbourne artists.

Mandala Series by Steve Radic

Steve’s painting style could be loosely described as Surrealist. Since discovering the joys of Photoshop in 1997 his output has been digital as well as oil paintings. The files are very big, with images within images, and blow up to large prints with minute detail in perfect clarity.

The images are based on the idea of the Buddhist Mandala, they are also an attempt to take that format and play with it in a manner that is particularly Western and informed by the art of other times and places.

Anglo Saxon art such as the jewelry unearthed at Sutton Hoo, Celtic Art such as the Book of Kells, even Ancient Egyptian Art, with its emphasis on frontal composition, have all flavoured these pictures. They are not religious art in and of themselves, but are entirely made up – they are, in a sense, art for a religion that doesn’t exist.

  • Joined: October 2007