Royal Show 2009 - Hide Of Hearing - First Placing

Excuse the unsolicited trumpet-blast, but I just received a letter from the Royal Agricultural and Horiticultural Society of South Australia to say that one of my photos got a First Placing in the 2009 Adelaide Show Photography Competition. Only a small B&W, but pretty happy about the result. / Royal Adelaide Show 2009 / Thirty-ninth National Exhibition of Photography / First Place – Sm…
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Horizons horizons horizons ... a suggestion

I don’t know if it is just me, but the one thing that seems to be a regular flaw in some otherwise great photos on RB is the attention to detail with getting the Horizon exactly horizontal. / I know I take photos the same… I’ve had couse to measure both my legs and they are the same length … / A suggestion … use your editors Rotate and Crop function / Please bring yo…
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