Stardust, Human being, male, son, brother, father, cartoonist, yogi, writer, poet, masseur, friend, lover, loved, teacher, student, explorer, wizard, fool, healer, patient; each archetype moving into the foreground to embrace a lesson, a shift, an exposure to what is present. the list is ongoing play….

Ahhhhh, at last you have arrived.

You’re coming to us has been foretold for centuries..

What is that you say?
You have had a difficult journey.
You’ve climbed many mountains.

Swam treacherous Rivers. Yes..
Hunger, Thirst, yes..Yes!….

Gave up all your worldly possessions to find…
A Studio for Unlimited Ideas

Ahhh it is so.

What is that? You have a question.

Say no more – It is answered.

Merely travel this site as your inner guide leads you, be prepared to smile a while, leave no pixel unturned, but leave all as you found it.

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To all – (and beaucoup to me sis) Thank you for your gracious words on my new “cyber-home” ( I guess RB is now my “vacation home” :o)!!- (oooooh , thats sounds a bit hoity toity don’t it?? – coool) I couldn’t have done this without the help of my beloved partner Michelle – words are inadequate to describe her incredible soul. / (this is t…
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A Yogi's journal - the Student - Teacher relationship

The Teacher Student Relationship / Was it my second grade teacher that I accidentally kept calling Mom? / Maybe it was my high school chemistry teacher that finally explained the subject so I could understand it. It could’ve been my Uncle Norm whose loving badgering challenged me on. Who was that one hatha yoga teacher, on that one ‘epic’ day that I received my first yogic “ah –haaaa” (that pea…
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A Yogi's Journal - Yoga as Relationship -Relationship as Yoga

“A paradox of life is that one is fundamentally alone, yet one cannot exist outside of relationship” – author/yogi -Joel Kramer / It is that time of season as we see the petals of spring start to respond to the ever-present calling of the sun and the ‘urge to merge’ is supposedly strongest; it is appropriate to flex the yogic muscles and take on the complex subject of relationship. / And how is …
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A Yogi's Journal - Death and Yoga - a fine place to start

Le Guru is You! / Death and Yoga / “In the end what matters most is / How well did you live / How well did you love / How well did you learn to let go?” / ----Unknown / It has been said that we die every day. Our hatha yoga practice is in essence a mirror of how we move in our everyday lives, and each time we take to the mat we experience a kind of death, a letting go. / Each posture is asking u…
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