I am a bloke who likes to take photos. At this point it seems anything is fair game, while I am learning the basics. I want to show people a selection of what I take, and welcome feedback.

I don’t really ‘race’ camera specs, but have an interest in what was chosen when images were made.

KIT: Nikon D80, 18 – 135 mm f 3.5 – f5.6, 50 mm f1.8, 70 – 300 mm VRII, Tokina 11-16 mm, Remote, UV & CP Filters, Tripod (bad taste jokes ignored here lol), keen interest!

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A new group to try, come and get involved.

Hello fellow Redbubbler! / If you are reading this, it means that our bubble worlds have crossed at some point and I am going to use that fortuitous meeting to promote a new group that I have started in the hope that you will join it and share some of your expertise. / It is called “The How and Why of Processing” and the idea is to share great photography as well as some of the detail…
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