I am an amateur photographer living in Dunedin, New Zealand.
I try to reflect the essence of the things and beings around me that I photograph.

I believe everything is interconnected; we are all part of the whole-and every living thing (plant and animal) has eternal and equal beauty and value.

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A Sunday afternoon in Dunedin, New Zealand

Up over the windy road to Port Chalmers, our little port on Dunedin Harbour. Drive down the main street of Victorian buildings and the old pubs where sailors once spent wild afternoons and nights, and there , imposing over everything, is the container crane! / Round the narrow road to Aramoana on the sea. Right at the harbour heads. Across from the narrow harbour entrance are the hills of…
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A Saturday in Dunedin, New Zealand

Today is my first journal entry for RedBubble. A grey day here in the Edinburgh of the South, but a productive one surprisingly for photos. Soft light leaves lovely detail and a few patches of sunlight allow me the chance to take my long wanted “host of daffodils” shot. Call me peculiar, but I ’’know’’ those flowers are talking to each other. / My par…
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