People, their expressions, colour, light, shadow…… and how they affect one another…. I love to explore and capture all these elements of a painting. I paint in oils, watercolour, pastels, and many drawing mediums…. I am often commissioned to paint portraits, sometimes nude portraits…. even portraits of lovers together. I do confess I am a hopeless romantic too!

I’m basically self-taught, having been inspired by many of the masters and the modern day artists over the years, and I have explored the figure and portraits in my own art extensively. I create my figure paintings as a celebration of women, and I aim to capture each individual’s uniqueness in my work. I paint the human figure as a tribute to our Creator.

My nude figures are described as tasteful, and evocative rather than provocative.

I endeavour to paint every single day….. I don’t want to go to my grave with my paintings still inside me.
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YouTube – A Pastel Painting start to finish
YouTube – A figure Painting in Oil
YouTube – Watercolour Figures… more!

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