Worcester, United Kingdom

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I thought I’d better add a a link to a local charitable website I support as an introduction.

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my own new website is

I have nine ponies, five donkeys, two very elderly goats, two cats, numerous chickens, a swan family and lots of visitors, wild and domesticated . Our land is around 12 acres and borderd by Bow brook.We have an abundance of wildlife,…. kingfishers, which I have yet to capture, otters, I have managed to to see after 4 years of footprints and descaled fish. The grainy photo is one of my most treasured ones. I love the swans, canada geese, foxes, squirrels, buzzards ect. ect. . . I have always loved photography, but with so many animals to care for, a lot of them are rehabilitated, plus four children, could never really afford to get the blurred or black photos developed. I still have rolls of film sitting in the drawer that are over 20 years old. Two years ago I somehow managed to contract legionella, I survived,obviously, but left with issues from lack of oxygen. Photography was my saviour, I couldn’t draw or paint, read, ride my horse,drive or go for long walks. Red bubble has been my inspiration over the last few months, and I hopeI can eventually be as creative as some of the artists on here. Last week I bought new pencils and a sketchpad, again inspired by RB. I used to draw and paint mostly horses and dogs. I worked in a local primary school as a TA and loved doing art with children from yr R to 6 Thank you all for looking at my images. X

  • Age: 59
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