Paul Woloschuk

Paul Woloschuk

Chippenham, United Kingdom

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I’ve had a real passion for photography since my early teens when I used to study the Photography Year Book in my local library in an attempt to gain inspiration from the images created by the famous photographers of the 1960s.
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  • Age: 62
  • Joined: September 2008


A Sale!! 'Bah Humbug'

At this time of the year, I frequently receive a message that I have sold another card of my image of our cat Gromit entitled ‘Bah Humbug’ / This year however, the messages have caused a little sadness, as poor Gromit had to be put to sleep a few months after reaching his 20th birthday (not a bad age at all for a moggie!). / Nevertheless, he’ll be remembered whenever I get thos…
Posted 8 months – 2 comments

A Sale!!

I’ve just learned that I’ve sold another print of the Richard Attwood driven Porsche 917 taken at dusk negotiating Tertre Rouge at Le Mans Classic in 2010! / This has been my most successful image for sales on RedBubble! / Many thanks to whoever bought it – I hope that you will enjoy seeing it on your wall. / Paul
Posted 9 months – 4 comments

A Sale!

Castle Combe is the quintessential English village. Frequently featured in films, TV advertisements and on calendars, the village attracts thousands of visitors every year. Maybe one such visitor wanted a memento of their visit, or maybe they just liked my work – whatever the reason, I’m happy that you have decided to purchase a poster of my image ‘Castle Combe’, I hope yo…
Posted over 1 year – 3 comments

Clobbered by the National Trust Police

OK, I know that RB frowns upon copyright infringement. I once had a warning about an image that I had in my portfolio showing a bit of a well-known make of guitar amplifier. RB had apparently received a complaint and warning that my image infringed their copyright. A bit strict I thought, but hey ho, it’s their ball….their game. / This morning, I opened my email inbox to find a shed-l…
Posted over 1 year – 9 comments