Paul Fleet

Paul Fleet

Ipswich, United Kingdom

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Paul was created by megalomaniac scientists in the mid 60s, a time when a nondescript North European accent and a white lab coat meant you were allowed to perform any kind of diabolical experiment your evil twisted mind could envisage. Paul was the result of just such an experiment, one which went horribly wrong. Due to a radiation leak a cold virus mutated into an incurable surreal infection which took over Paul’s mind leaving him with the inability to take fish seriously.

In the 80’s Paul studied art at various imposing institutions but he was really just biding his time waiting for technology to catch up with his vision of how art could and would be.

Now the guardians of Paul have to restrict his use of computers as he is being absorbed into the binary infrastructure of all that is unseen within the machine.

  • Joined: June 2010