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A friend of mine recently was able to confirm that we can often see these objects caught in the strobe as the flash fires, while sighting over the camera. I was out at his house outside Combs Arkansas. He lives in the middle of miles of forrest. I went outside his house in Inky darknes. You couldn’t see your hand in front of your face. My first photograph caught two Orbs just behind his house. I went inside to wait a while to let them reset. When he came outside he brought HIS camera. I was sighting over the camera and showing him how. I said," I don’t think we got one that time". He said ‘No, There were two to the left next to the small hill. When we looked it was just as he said.. Additionally, He took photos at that time of orbs off to one side of us. So to recap, All three of the people who have even bothered to look, have been able to see these items caught in the flash! I an NOT worried about these Orbs. However, the America I hjave discovered when showing my photos to scientists and media people has concerned me greatly.. It’s definately at least two tiered. The Official Line, and what scientists say in private. Is America the land of the free and the home of the brave? And can there be any real freedom If the truth no longer has any currancy?

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My interests include Odessa’s Orbs published by SmashWords, stone age axes, blacksmithing, knife and axe making, forrestry, carpentery and other building trades, I have worked in airial construction, printing, auto mechanics and as a baker. I have played a concert tour of Europe as a high school jazz musician. I became a orb photographer honestly as the orbs presented themselves.I fight for the truth and detest censorship and lies.

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  • Michael McCasland
    Michael McCaslandover 3 years ago
    Orbs are supposedly spirits that have passed, ghosts that are confined to earth until their situation has been corrected. I don’t know if these are true but just passing on what you probably already know. I have taken many night photos in Savannah, Georgia that contain many orbs… Well done!
  • Michael that’s wonderful. I really apreciate your comment. There is a great book on amazon .com. The Orb Project. you can read lots of it there. The way I am getting these photos is going back to areas where I have taken their photos. When you are in an area where you have done good — move a liitle closer then try to suprise one. By hunting around and keeping track of where i’m doing good, I am able to follow them around some. This morning, I was able to hunt and follow one that got around behind me. I saw It then it moved to the right. then I lost it and started taking photos up the tree nearby,over my house….nothing. but then as I went into my house I reversed and shot right behind where I had been working and There it is. Have some fun will you And thanks again for your wnderful comment. Paul PS I really am not sure they are ghosts or spirits. They may well be but we have no real paranormal hauntings or anything. But it seems clear to me that they are alive. And people think of spirite as being alive. I’m not in any fear, I’ll tell you that. God bless you brother. I hope to visit with you later…..Paul

    – PaulCoover

  • slater11
    slater11about 3 years ago

    I do believe that they are spirits of some sort. Maybe not the sort that were once living with us, but energies of another sort.. that cross into our dimension occasionally..
    That’s just what I think…I have no proof of course! :) haha.
    I have seen one before (when no camera was present), I’m not sure If I have already told you about this Paul. I was walking home with a friend one night from another friends house. Above me in the air, at about lamp-post height, a dinner plate sized golden glowing ball travelled across the road above me. And it wasn’t even a split second, it was going slow enough to last about 3 or 4 good seconds! I thought the light posts were playing tricks on my eyes, but the more I recalled it, the more I realized what I had seen. It travelled from my left to my right and dissapeared over some trees. I think it would have been about 50 – 60meters away from me. It had a sort of tail to it a streak of light as it moved..
    I told my Dad about it, who is quite a spirtual person. He has his own ideas about things like this but doesn’t pressure anyone to believe him. He told me that what I had seen was a Master Orb. He said that there are a few of these Master orbs in areas all over the world, and that their purpose is to protect, and keep the energies at balance. ..I’m not sure what allowed me to see it?!
    Just thought I would share that :)
    Tell me what you think??
    - Elyse Slater

  • slater11
    slater11about 3 years ago

    Oh and my friend did not see this. Which makes me wonder why I could..

  • Dear Ellen, some scientists have concluded that we humans only see as little as 30% of what is available to see. We filter out unneeded and undesired images through our brain. We see what we want to see and need to see. Simplifying the picture allows us to react more quickly and efficiently. Have you ever heard of proactive decay? This psychological discovery is demonstrated by briefly flashing an apple on screen. You can clearly see the apple that has been flashed for a quarter second. However, If you quickly follow the apple slide with that of an orange, you will only remember the orange conciously. However , subconciously it can be shown that people,“saw” the apple. This is why we have laws against subliminal advertising. Drive – in movie theatre’s would insert single frames of hot dogs and cokes, popcorn and the like, just before intermission. It would boost their sales noticeably. This way as you are driving, as you pass objects the new objects take their places seamlessly in your mind. Forgetting is one of the most crucial mental processes we have. We are bombarded with images to the tune of 100,000 per day. We would be literally helpless, awash in useless memories in no time…… There is a fantastic study that put,“upside down eye glasses” on it’s participants. After two weeks, these people would be able to see, “right side up” again……. Their brains had built a hard wired structure wich satisfied their expectations. After the eye glasses were taken away, their vision would return to normal in two to three weeks. What you expect to see is crucial to this process. It’s like me and ghosts….. I would never see a ghost because I am not willing to see a ghost. I have done much camping and spending nights out in nature. Sometimes without any flashlight at all. I am not at all interested in seeing a ghost. In fact I am menally comletely opposed to the idea. During a near death experiance I did see an angel of light however. It is fair to say that many people are not prepared to see an orb. They might be worried or it might interfere with what they want to do or what they believe. I believe these orbs may be the halo shown over praying peoples heads. These are the nimbus I sometimes refer to. God is a cardio knower. He knows what is in our heart — our minds so to speak. Are these God’s angels? They come around us. They come near to us. Do they know what is in our hearts? Do they know when we are ready to see them? Also unless you look directly into the phased light from a laser, or unless it shines onto something — it is invisable. The orb you saw had it’s light on. It is at least concievable that the light output is phased light. Light of only one frequency. If the light was,“pointed” at you, perhaps it was almost completely invisable to your friends. I took a photo of a ruby red laser shining on a round crystal prizm. And I have a couple of similar photographs of orbs in a light fog. The laser split many ways and showed every where. The orb photos seemed to show many reflections of itself in the fog. These are some of the thoughts that have ocurred to me. They are real, living, behaving creatures. Spirits? Angels?Nimbus? Fairies? Life from outer space? Life from inner space or interdimensional travelers? Jinn? There are many names in many places throughout history. Have you looked at the flag of India yet? All my love Ellen. More later girl……Paul Coover

    – PaulCoover

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