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In this unretouched photograph, the Orb in question seems to be reflected in the truck window. The triangular shape in the reflected is the side of my building. Note that the Orb seems to be above the top of the building—-The reflection seems to confirm this. One of the State biologists in my area intimated to me that they are sending photos of these Orbs to each other. That’s interesting! Taken in West Fork Arkansas. Look at Scott Hanhams work on Red Bubble. He has taken identical photos of these orbs useing two cameras similtaniously. I have photographs that show these orbs reflecting in windows and still water . THESE ORBS ARE REAL!! Nothing bad at all to report except that our free press is NOT FREE. However, that’s as bad as it gets! That is bad/evil/untrue/lies/BS/stupidity/blindness/cencership…..pick one.


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My interests include Odessa’s Orbs published by SmashWords, stone age axes, blacksmithing, knife and axe making, forrestry, carpentery and other building trades, I have worked in airial construction, printing, auto mechanics and as a baker. I have played a concert tour of Europe as a high school jazz musician. I became a orb photographer honestly as the orbs presented themselves.I fight for the truth and detest censorship and lies.

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  • linmarie
    linmarieover 3 years ago

    now this one scares the crap out of me,, especially the reflection on the truck,, but I do not think it is a reflection, it is another or,, this is just fantastic,, we have got to find some groups,, or other sites too examine these Paul, this is your best one too be studied,, because there is hard objects,, like the truck,, for them too see size, transparency, and depth,,, peace and love linmarie

  • This is the same one I sent you on facebook.In the color reverse we see the orb flies off to the left over the back of the truck. The head of the biology Dept. at a major university told me that the triangular shape also reflected in the truck window couldn’t be my little building reflected in the truck window, simple physics. I may not know what the round thing is, but I know my building reflected in the window of my truck when I see it! I need a better scientist.

    – PaulCoover

  • PaulCoover
    PaulCooverover 3 years ago

    Don,t be scared of these things. I believe they are completely harmless. I’ve been in their midst for over two years now. If they were evil , I’d be toast way before this. In fact If my “surprise” shots don’t work. I some times take five of six photos at the same place—and they come to me. Nimbus?

  • trish725
    trish725over 3 years ago

  • PaulCoover
    PaulCooverover 3 years ago

    Thank you so very much!!! I’ve found out that words like freedom,science,friend and truth are just that……words. And that words are symantics, hyperboly, hype if you will. Words are the playground of unscrupulous actors -liers,thieves and cowards-peaple with an axe to grind, a horse in the race and a job to protect. With scientists,journalists,politicians,newspeaple and every form of monied buisiness— words are just wadding tamped down around their chosen projectiles……Projectiles of death. Not a clean death, heroic death or honorable death—but the death of a coward or the death of person poisoned by bitter lies. Why do so many peaple prefer such a death? Don’t they know that a coward dies a thousand deaths,but the hero— only once. Mark Twain said you don’t have to remember anything… if you tell the truth. Words are just bitter poisonous pills when they lack truth. I tell you boys,you can’t win a pulitzer prize that way. No guts—No glory.

  • rocamiadesign
    rocamiadesignover 3 years ago

  • PaulCoover
    PaulCooverover 3 years ago

    Thank you so very much. If this means that my work has been accepted into the group—The Best of Red Bubble, then I am Thrilled! Media outlets won’t allow peaple to see my photos.What’s that about? Land of the Free— Home of the Brave?

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