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These are real photographs of what many of us know as living, behaving creatures. A number of us have seen these with our eyes….a couple of us in broad daylight. Everyone that has looked, has seen these things over the camera as the flash fires These are not pictures of worry. Rather these are pictures of wonder. The Holy Bible seems to speak of these things. Was Moses’ “Burning Bush” Gas flame blue? The Isrealites followed a "Cloud of smoke, or pillar of smoke by day and a pillar of fire by night…….When it moved, they moved. Plus can you follow a star like the three wise men, to a specific town? To a hotel in that town? To the parking garage behind that hotel? We see reflections of these things in water, car windows, house windows and so on. Scott Hamhan has taken photos with two cameras similtaniously with identicle photographs! Nimbus or halos sat on the heads of the devout on the day of Penticost as well as Jesus himself and Stephen……and their faces lit up brighter than the sun. And we photos that show that they can and do light up. These photographs show the truth!

My interests include Odessa’s Orbs published by SmashWords, stone age axes, blacksmithing, knife and axe making, forrestry, carpentery and other building trades, I have worked in airial construction, printing, auto mechanics and as a baker. I have played a concert tour of Europe as a high school jazz musician. I became a orb photographer honestly as the orbs presented themselves.I fight for the truth and detest censorship and lies.

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  • slater11
    slater11almost 2 years ago

    Two cameras at the same time that show the same orb/s?! That can’t be ignored now can it! :) so great!

  • I’m afraid you are underestimating the power of unbelief and denial. The same folks who are studying these will continue. (You won’t hear anything about this….on the downlow) And The same folks who dis believe will continue to do so.People have to think something. People usually follow the course of least resistance. For those it is easy to blow these photographs off. However, if you are a student of truth….these photos will get you there.People should look at the Book…The Orb Project..On The debunkers have thier own websites devoted to convincing people to disregard these photos. One guy told me he could take photos like mine in his garage….out of focus dust. However he sent no example. Big talk. I don’t doubt that orbs are around his area…..however, I am convinced (I have seen them with my own eyes) that he is uneducated in this respect. I just took another good photograph before light today. I got several good captures,but only one of the quality I need to offer these scientific photos as art. We live in a stupid world when we need to show these photon-graphs of real, living, behaving orbs as art. Thanks slater 11. Is your first name Ellen? I didn’t realize you were such a lovely young woman. Smart and lovely is a good combination. Thanks girl!!! Paul

    – PaulCoover

  • slater11
    slater11almost 2 years ago

    My first name is Elyse :)
    I think there was another person who use to comment on your photos and her name was Ellen.

    Dust shows up quite differently in photos doesn’t it? I’ve seen a lot of videos (on youtube) showing dust falling slowly and then an orb moving around on it’s own in all directions.
    I never have believed that it’s dust in my photos. When I see the orbs show up in my photos, and even when i’m shooting, I can sense that there is something else there. Do you get that? Definately not just out of focus dust that’s for sure.

  • Hi Elyse!! When I go outside at night, it is so beautiful I think about God. I am never alone like some people feel. So yes …I do feel a presence. The Lord God of Hosts….Cammander of heavens armies. Then Elija went to attack 70 thousand armed men with only his man servant……he said.“God let them SEE who is with me.” It was a rout. the guys killed each other to get away. The thing is….these angels are always present. wether you can get one to pose or not. Just say pout baby pout and go vouge on them.they don’t mind…..Just laugh and have fun!!! I do! Much love….Paul.

    – PaulCoover

  • PaulCoover
    PaulCooveralmost 2 years ago

    Some words from the song we three kings….star of wonder… so bright …….star of royal beauty light…..westward leading,still procedeing……guide us with your perfect light. I saw a survellance vidio of a fantastic orb…..all light up and reflecting on a river in England. Swirling round and round….WOW. Just like the one in south carolina. Just like my photos catch. If the wouldn’t use them, why would the TV stations want me to GIVE them my photos? That’s two marks againt them. Useless AND greedy.

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