Stockton-On-Tees, United Kingdom

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Mostly offline at present

As I’ve managed to snap my Achilles tendon, and have my right leg in a cast, I’m going to find it difficult to do any photography for a few months. I hope to be back to full strength as soon as possible ……

Christmas Wishes

Best wishes to visitors to my RB pages for Christmas and the New Year and here’s to another year of hard work and success in ’09 with plenty of inspiration and perspiration.

Thanks for your visits and your comments through the year my friends.


I am working on a few calendars from favourite images in my stream. You can see the results at



North-East coastline

Bubblers and Abstracts don't mix ... ?

Just checking the responses to my recent shots and have noticed a poorer reception to my abstracts than to my landscapes and stuff. I notice a lack of “abstract” groups, too, in the greater Bubblesphere.

So, is this just my perception or are you all more traditional?

Would be interested to get some feedback ….

First blog entry

My first blog entry. Ever. Anywhere.
Could well be my last as well <g>.

So, what does this first blog entry say? Not much, I guess. Just a big thanks to the RedBubble community and to anyone who has found time to look through my work, a bigger thanks to anyone leaving comments and, of course, huge thanks to anyone who has watch-listed me.