Feature Thankyou's and MERRY CHRISTMAS

thankyou to the Australian Photography and Travel Writing group for featuring my photo of the Brown Snake

and to the Extreme Close Ups group for featuring my photo of Miss Molly

Wishing you all a Happy, Safe and Wonderous Christmas and all the best for a fantastic 2010!

thanks for the features!

many thanks to the Accidental Images group for featuring my photo “Smiley Rock”

and to the South Australian Coastlines group for featuring my “Adelaide Lightning” photo


thanks to the Accidental Images group, for featuring the photo of my very surprised bowling ball!!

Thanks for the features!

wow – I’m honoured to have been featured in the following groups:

South Australian Coastlines

Beach, Rivers and Lakes Treasures group

Proteas, Leucondedron and Leucospermum group

Thankyou very much!!! :)

Another big Thanks

A very big thankyou to the Proteas, Leucadendron, Leucospermum, Orothamnus & Serruria group for featuring my photo!

It’s a real honour and I am happy that you like my photo :)

and to the Adelaide/South Australia who featured my Meercat back in September (am only just getting up to date with some things here on RB)

A HUGE Thankyou! :))

I would like to offer a huge thank you to the following groups for featuring my work, I am very honoured!

daisy & company—→ONLY daisies & its species

Adelaide/South Australia

Simply White Artwork Gallery – 95% White !

" ’ Too Bright ’ "

All about Alpacas!

Mornings & Evenings — Sunbeams & Storms