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My sale on shirts is now officially over.

My markup has now returned to normal. For those interested, I sold 10 shirts over the course of the sale (that is a little more than I would normally sell over the course of a month), which means I made about $25. That’s the equivalent of selling 2 and a half shirts with my regular price.…

In case you’re worried about the shirts being ridiculously expensive now (due to the extra $4 in manufacturing costs) perhaps leave a comment and tell me how much you would be comfortable paying for one of my shirts, and I’ll think about making specific changes. Maybe if you butter me up just right (and promise to buy a shirt) I’ll reduce the price on your chosen shirt temporarily just for you.

I’m still experimenting with price to find what I think is worth it for me, and still affordable for customers.

Oh, by the way... I'm not here.

I’m in Vietnam. I’ll be running around Cambodia and Laos soon. Who knows if they have internet there, so I might not be as forumey as usual. I have blog Please visit and leave comments to inflate my ego.

PS: Typing in this journal entry courtesy of Bec

TUTORIAL - Creating a shirt design using GIMP

For those new to the world of t-shirt designs here is a quick and simple mini-tutorial that should help you create a working design using the GNU Image Manipulation Program otherwise known as The Gimp. It is free and available for download from here.

I’ve tried to make this as simple as possible with only the absolute necessary steps, and as such it does assume some basic understanding of how to use the program, such as knowing where the menus are and how to use the tools. There are plenty of things you can do differently, but since I’m new to using the program I probably don’t know about all of them yet. This tutorial will probably be updated as I learn more about the program.

1. Create a new image, make everything in the new image dialogue look like this:

2. Paste the image into the d

Winter Solstice Sale! Markup on all shirts cut to 10%

I’ve gone mad! Well, actually I’m just responding to the $4 hike by making my shirts cheaper than they were before. I’ve dropped the markup on all of them to 10%. Of course, this means I won’t be able to get anyone anything for Christmas.

Seriously, I’m barely making anything from t-shirt sales anymore. I guess it’s back to being homeless for me. Yay!

obligatory free shipping journal entry

Well, I’ve posted it everywhere else. I even made a banner.

In case you’ve been browsing redbubble with your eyes closed, I’ll just fill you in.


That’s right. Until October 30.

If you’ve had something in your cart for a while, just waiting for the right moment – well, this is the right moment.

Enter 100000masterpieces during the checkout process to take advantage of this once in a lifetime offer, and get a free set of steak knives… or not. No, there are no knives on offer.

custom shirt template

I’ve been working on a customised shirt template that I hope to use on my own website. Here is my first concept. I based the shape on the red bubble template, just because I want to keep it accurate to the shape of the actual shirts.

I’ve also been working on some kind of shading, fake realism thing. But here it is.

This uses a half-finished design that I’ll eventually work into a complete shirt.

And a detail with my lopsided hastily scanned fabric texture.

So, just wondering if you have any thoughts on the concept. Whether you think I’m heading in the right direction or not.

As seen on tevelision

Yesterday Red Bubble was featured on some kind of morning program on channel 10.

You can watch the video here

Exciting no? Well, you can imagine my surprise to see my own shirt, Not a likeness among some of the screenshots broadcast. For almost a whole second, my shirt got televisual exposure! (Yes, it was as a thumbnail amidst a bunch of other designs)

Anyway, Red Bubble got a large spike in traffic and I sold two shirts yesterday. Cheers to Brent Chandler!

my distinguished running mates

Okay, you’ve all made me feel bad about my vicious self promotion, so I’d like to take this opportunity to kiss some babies and promise to lower taxes and fix up the education system.…

That and walk you through some of the excellent designs currently in competition for the coveted ‘first challenge trophy’ at the T-shirt Revolution.

First up is Rubyred’s entry that basically set the standard for awesome. After seeing it I sank into a festering pit of depression. This is pro.

Next is samedog’s entry, which conjures up a vision of the world in which propaganda serves a useful purpose… ie. clothing the masses.

On to Bec, who was my running mate in the early stages of voting. In a way, she was the Hillary to my Barack (Oh, that was awful. I apologise.) Bec and I have been obsessed with Vietna

propaganda propaganda

No doubt everyone will be doing this.

Voting has opened for the first T-Shirt revolution challenge and all my opponents are running vicious campaigns based on fear and rhetoric. They are trying to brainwash you into voting for them. Don’t be fooled! You can escape their clutches by voting for ME instead!

Please ignore every other journal entry from my opponents. They will likely be using all kinds of subliminal trickery. You must be strong. For the good of the people. Be strong, and vote for my shirt. The only shirt for FREE people.

my internet scrapbook

I’ve been fiddling with my tumblr thing, which I’ve had for a while but neglect it horribly. Anyway, I thought I’d stop neglecting it, and make it my proper internet scrapbook.

Clickedy click

It looks like this at the moment, although hopefully it won’t continue looking like this for very long.

If you use tumblr, please follow my thing, it will help my ego.

wolf girl concepts

Okay, so I’ve been trying to get this character to look right for a while. It is based on this poem as well as many of Lucky’s own sketches and photos and is intended to be worked into a picture book (with her cooperation of course).

I’ve taken a while to decide what level of realism I want (or am capable of) and I think I’ve finally reached a nice middle ground. The hair and the clothing and the size of the head have all been changing constantly… and I’m still trying to figure out some kind of wolf-type imagery to work into it, but here you go.
It has been way too long, it must seem like I’ve lost interest – but I haven’t. I’m just very slow at doing anything. Ms. Vegetable, this will be the first you’ve seen of them, what do you think so far?


I’ve finally gone and installed ubuntu onto my eeepc. I’m very new to linux, does anyone know whether I’ve done the right thing?

weekend with no internets

My my, a whole two days in Portsea, staying in a giant luxury house – without access to the internet. I don’t know how I survived.

Anyway, some may have noticed that I have been assigned the title of ‘Host’ in the forums. This means that I’ll be swearing less and trying to be helpful more often. Of course, the title gets attached to everything I’ve said in the forums ever – and I can’t say I’ve always been a shining example of forum etiquette – so if you stumble across some horrible insult typed by me in the past, please please excuse whatever it was I said, as I am a new man…

…starting now!

a problem I have: internet arguments

Every time I tell myself that it was the last one. But time and time again I find myself dragged back in by the part of my brain that strives to militantly uphold logic and defend it against the onslaughts of the internet. It usually starts off respectfully enough, but always – ALWAYS – disintegrates into silly childishness, and I’m as guilty as the next person of taking part in it.…

This is my apology to the rest of you, caught in between by silly argument after silly argument – and an explanation – I truly can’t help it.

cartoon by xkcd

If you are interested, here are some internet arguments I have been involved in recently: Objectification of women Bill Henson …and more Bill Henson

Yes, my trigger is usually free speech and freedom of expression, although there are many issues I am liab

Lucky Vegetable talks cooking, and creativity

Questions: Paul
Answers: The Vegetable known as Lucky

How does being a creative person and pursuing your creativity affect other aspects of your life?

Well, it means always being the weirdest at any social gathering, although it does say something of my choice of friends that this isn’t by much. (That’s a compliment, everyone, I love you!) Also, because I’m a bit of a ‘thing’ and dip my grubby artistic mitts into everything, it means that I never settle long enough to distract me from the pursuit of chocolate and picture books. And I’ll never be able to describe my work as representing ‘man’s inhumanity to man’. Cause you can’t say that with a straight face, when you’ve just drawn a marshmallow with eyes and a star on his bum.

Tell us about one person or moment that has made your time on

I'll be removing the WYD shirt, very soon

This is a warning that I will be removing the ‘This is not official merchandise’ shirt very soon, and replacing it with a hand drawn version of my own. I am doing this because I am a sooky lala chickenshit poopy pants, and I really don’t like the idea of being sued.

To those who have already snapped one up… first of all, thankyou! Second, consider yourselves the owners of a very rare piece of history.

Don’t worry. The new version will be even better (ahem).

Natalie Perkins talks paisley, and creativity

questions: Paul McClintock (stolen from) Jo O’Brien
answers: Natalie Perkins

How does being a creative person and pursuing your creativity affect other aspects of your life?

Creativity, and in turn creation, are at the very core of my life: my daily activities, my work, my short and long term goals. My attitude towards life is use every possible opportunity as a platform for creating something, however I think that my definition of “creativity” differs to the popular definition.

In the Red Bubble community, I’m sure there are more than a few of you who have experienced a someone using the phrase “OH! you’re so creative!” as praise. My problem with this, is that it mystifies the role of a creater (or artist) and it feels plain old redundant. My response to this kind of praise is usually “W

short interview on Jo O'brien's journal

Click here for a quick little interview about how great you all are, and how vague and disorganized I am.

This is the second of what will hopefully be a bagillion interviews as a kind of chain letter going around the bubble. Watch this space, for I have in turn interviewed a couple of fellow bubblers (admittedly with the exact same questions that I was asked) and will be posting the results very soon.

disappeared shirts

I’ve hidden those ‘choose life’ shirts, in case you were wondering. They’re not deleted completely, just hidden. I might bring one of them back later, after working on it some more.

*Edit: Who knows? Maybe I’ll just hide them and share them over and over… all day today! I’m so unpredictable.

I'm a shirt whore

So, yesterday after I got home from work I found a journal entry from Jo, asking if anyone could knock up a quick simple shirt for her immediately. Obviously I jumped in without the slightest regard for my portfolio as a whole and spat 4 very similar but oh so varied shirts at her. It was so much fun I kept going and going, it’s really becoming a problem I have.…

For some reason I enjoy making t-shirts on demand in less than 30 seconds. Who knows whether it will pay off, but because I’m having so much fun doing it, I’m thinking of offering a service where I make the shirt you want. A simple ‘slogan’ shirt can be knocked up in a matter of seconds. A properly designed typographical shirt would take longer, and full on graphic illustration might take a decade (jest).

If you’re interested in

the journal where I experiment with formatting text

#please ignore everything here#…

  1. Please ignore this journal, I’m just messing around with formatting. Most of these don’t work. I’m clueless about most of it anyway. Some work though, which is nice. I wish Red Bubble would just tell us ALL of the formatting tags.

>Quotes don’t work everywhere. Only the first line of a post in forums, but the text should look like this.

Quick phrase modifiers, surround text with punctuation, such as:

underscores: emphasis
asterix: strong
double question marks: citation
short dash: deleted text
plus sign: inserted text
arrow widget pointing up: superscript
tilde: subscript
percent symbol: span
the a in a circle, at symbol: tiny funny text

This just makes text disappear: <right>

small text, yay
small text, yay

To insert an image:

To insert a link:
a link

Optional alte

sexy people strutting around in my attire.

- Joel is in his early twenties. He used to work at a bookshop. One week after buying this shirt he scored a high paying job at an evil law firm, and now drives a Hummer.…

- Caanan was down and out, homeless and living in a park in freezing Canada until he bought a shirt from me. Now Caanan pays homeless people to fight to the death for his amusement. How can he afford such luxury?

- Lucky Vegetable wasn’t all that lucky before she decided to buy this lovely shirt about elephants listening skills. In fact, her name used to be Not Really That Lucky At All Vegetable. Nuff said.

All the kids are doing it. Look at them… young, succesful, cleanly shaven. All because of my shirts. Now, I’m not saying you’ll win the lottery if you buy my shirts, but you’ll win the lottery if you buy my shirts. It

video featuring my first shirt

Joel was the first person to buy one of my shirts, and he has since made a video in which he is wearing said shirt. This is hard evidence that my shirts exist, and are able to be worn on your torso whilst you are moving forward through time.

my calculated and synchronised online consistency project

To go along with my new shirt, I’ve been redesigning my online presence. I’ve tried my best to make by blog and my myspace profiles consistent in colour and design. I also plan to construct a legitimate website that isn’t merely hosted by a free blog service. Eventually I hope to be able to have people click back and forth between them and still feel like they are in the same place. I don’t know if this is at all possible, but I think it would be cool.…

Here is a side by side comparison of my blog and my myspace page. I think I did pretty well at getting them to look the same (especially considering the rings you have jump through to do anything with myspace). Unfortunately for Facebook there is no possibility of doing anything like this so I’ll just have to be happy with my ‘Red Bubble P


Yesterday I sold my 20th shirt. It’s taken almost 2 months, which is about one sale every 3 days. To celebrate, I’m going to work on another design very soon. I have an idea in mind already. I think it will be for a white shirt. Or black.

super hi-res poster art

I’ve uploaded my first hi-res image suitable for large (the largest) posters.

It’s a simple design, but it’s muddafukkin huge. I’ve always found it difficult to work with exceptionally high resolutions in Painter, but now that my computer has been upgraded with a quadbike core or something it at least can handle my brush strokes without delay.

The only problem that remains is that some of the brushes (at least some of the ones that I like to use) become somewhat unstable at high resolutions – meaning, if I enlarge a brush to the point where it is big enough to draw a large thick (yet tapered) line it has a bit of trouble. It’s not a giant problem, I mean, I can work around it with trial and error. I just wish there were some magical perfect brush, with settings made just for me and no nee

desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait
desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait