Paul is the physical location of a collection of otherwise disparate neurons and synapses that occasionally give a convincing impression of consciousness and free will as they react to the various stimuli in their immediate surroundings in a purely mechanistic, non magical way.

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Voting is open for that thing what I entered. / / There are some pretty good entries in there, have a look and, if you’re feeling particularly charitable, help me win some hardware!
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current progress

After another 3 or 4 hours work. Time for bed.
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new work in progress

I’m doing this for the Wacom/Corel portrait contest, here. / It’s been a while.
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20% off, ask me how!

It seems everyone is offering discounts! Well… I’m not going to be left out. / If anyone wants a secret code to get them a further 10% off almost everything on redbubble (totalling a whopping 20% off!) just ask nicely and I’ll bmail you. This offer is available for about a week (it’s a bit less now)… let’s say 6 days.
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