I was sitting here answering a post when I heard what sounded like a gunshot. We live in a very rural area, so it’s not that unusual, except it’s 12-freaking-30 (at night!)

Then I hear a series of single shots and what hears like intermittent rapid-fire shots. I’ve never heard a semi-automatic or ‘machine gun’ live, so I have not idea if it’s that or firewords or a bloody gang war out there.

I turned off the light and dialed 911. Was put on hold for several minutes! Finally the operator comes on and says she’ll report it to the State Police and do I want them to just check the area or come to the house?! lord. I asked her for someone to check the area, but that was about a half hour ago and I’ve seen no headlight go by. When you live in the country you know when a car drives by because it’s blacker than a witches cat out there!

Nomally, I feel so safe out here – I’m very comfortable with the ‘hunters’ as they’re usually very polite and respectful folks. Now I’m literally shaking! Maybe I watch too many crime shows on tv?

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