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Patrick Fatica attended Ringling School of Art and Design from 1990 to 1994. He moved to Orlando, Florida in 1995 where he spent the first few years in Orlando directing several original plays and directing the 16mm film “Five Miles from Heaven,” which appeared in festivals around the country. After completing the film, he and his two friends and business partners opened and designed 2 music venues on the east side of Orlando and downtown Orlando called Back Booth. After almost ten years traveling down different artistic paths, he picked up the paintbrush again and dedicated himself to doing what he loves. With over 20 shows in 2007 Patrick’s Pop-Surreal portraits have spanned from Los Angeles, CA to Maddison, WI. Recently the Phoenix Sun Times said about his solo Wind-Up Gallery exhibition, “We can’t think of anything more delightful than indulging in meticulously rendered prurient fantasies. This stuff is so sweet it’s almost rotten.”

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