Two Sales in Two Days!

November 27, 2010

When I checked the Bubble this morning, I was so excited to find out that I had made two sales in two days! Thanks so much to the anonymous buyers!!

Sold! Framed Print of Mt. Rushmore at Dusk

Sold! Poster of One Room School House

RECENT FEATURESThanks to the group hosts!

The Water’s Edge was recently featured in the group, Retired and Happy.

Dreamy Pastel Rose was recently featured in the group, Flower Works.

Autumn Splash was recently feature in the group, Georgia – The Peach State.

Poster Sale!

I am thrilled about the sale of one of my images! Through this journal posting, I wanted to publicly thank the anonymous buyer who recently purchased a poster of my image, Vintage Fire Engine. I sincerely hope the buyer enjoys the poster image!

Thank you so much!

Second Sale of "Rules to Live By"

My dear Redbubble friend, StephanieK has just purchased a mounted print of my image, Rules to Live By. This is the second sale of this image as a mounted print in less than 24 hours!

Steph, I can’t tell you how much this sale means to me! Thank you, my friend!! I hope that you will be pleased with this new addition to your wall. God bless you and your family!!!


Thanks for the sale!

My image, Rules to Live By was recently purchased as a mounted print. I don’t know who the buyer was, but I want them to know how very much I appreciate this sale!

It is so exciting and gratifying when someone appreciates your art enough to spend their hard-earned dollars to make a purchase. Rules to Live By means a lot to me personally so I’m thrilled about the sale!!

Family Death

It is with deep sadness that I must tell everyone that my father-in-law, Jack, passed away today. Please keep my husband, Monty, in your prayers as this is a most difficult time for him.

I just became active again on Redbubble a couple of weeks ago after a year-long absence to take care of Jack as well as my mother. I won’t be able to comment on your work this week but hope to return again in a week or two.

Tags Restricted to Only Ten

I am feeling the strain of editing 14 pages of images to bring my tags down to only ten words for each image. I could find more than ten words (or tags) to describe how I’m feeling, but one will do: Discouraged.

Not everyone uses tagging, but I have always used it to make sure that my work can be found in Redbubble or Google searches. This is the mechanism that sends buyers to my images so it is important to be able to tag my work appropriately.

Where more than 10 tags would be appropriate: When I am tagging I always ask myself, how many different words might a person search to find my image. Everyone uses different terminology. Beach or Sea or Ocean? Rural or Pastoral or Countryside? Vintage or Antique or Retro.

Let’s say I have an image of a beach scene in Pensacola,…

Featured on The Artisan's Shout

I am very excited to learn that I have been featured on the website The Artisan’s Shout. I am so honored to be chosen for this!

Gracey is the owner of the site. She is an incredible photographer, web designer, marketing specialist, and writer, just to mention a few of her many talents. She puts a lot of effort into promoting other artists so be sure to take a look at this site and send her an encouraging note.