I have been making art seriously for about ten years. My media include photography, fractals, abstracts, and digital landscapes. I believe that art is beautiful or inspiring, or motivates a person to do a humanitarian act. I live in southern Arizona, USA, and most of my photography is done within 500 miles of home, though I occasionally have the opportunity to visit other places. I make fractals in Apophysis, UltraFractal, Xenodream, and Chaoscope. I make abstracts in Bryce and Vue d’Esprit, and digital landscapes primarily in Terragen. Soli Deo Gloria.

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Thank you/Ta Heaps! and About Me

Folks, / Thank you for the VERY warm welcome I received here. This site is a really good fit for me; I love it here. Already someone has bought my art. That’s awesome! / One of the special features I love is the fact I can add an art work to one of my groups just by checking the box! What a great idea! Hopefully, there will be more connectivity, such as clickable links. I’d like to se…
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