A Big Thank You To The Host!

I have gotten a bit behind on my Thank You’s so I thought I should start with the lastest and work my way back.
First a huge thank you to Graham from Bassen Thorpe Gallery for teaching me how to upload an image of mine and place it else where such as in a forum. This is a task I have struggled with all year and it feels great to finally know how to do it, along with the majority LOL.
A huge Thank you to Polly from Altered By Imagination, January Features 2013 as selected by Polly for featuring my image “Lacylee: Special”
A huge Thank you to Shirley from Enchanted Flowers Special Selection 05/11/2013 for featuring “Carmel Cream”
A huge Thank you to Jane from Disability and Beauty for Host Pick Of The Week 26/Nov/2012 for featuring “Checking Out The Pumkin”
A huge Thank you to Kira and Jen from Cats Pajamas for featuring 2 of my images in I want a mom that will last forever(A special feature from Mickeys House)“Momma’s Guidence” and “Mum’s Favorite”
And lastly to Morag from Pastels and White group for featuring “I Cross My Heart For You” in a special selection
These host/friends work hard on our behalf every day and I just felt it was time to say Thankyou. ps notice the little pictures I did that LOL, still doing my happy dance.
Have a gr8t 2013 all :)

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