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New RB contest

Hi all I just entered the newest contest on RB. If you have the time please check out the contest and comment on any works you would like. Looks like this is going to be a lot of fun with great pieces being shown. Your time and support is appreciated hugs:)Pat

A Big Thank You To The Host!

I have gotten a bit behind on my Thank You’s so I thought I should start with the lastest and work my way back.
First a huge thank you to Graham from Bassen Thorpe Gallery for teaching me how to upload an image of mine and place it else where such as in a forum. This is a task I have struggled with all year and it feels great to finally know how to do it, along with the majority LOL.
A huge Thank you to Polly from Altered By Imagination, January Features 2013 as selected by Polly for featuring my image “Lacylee: Special”
A huge Thank you to Shirley from Enchanted Flowers Special Selection 05/11/2013 for featuring “Carmel Cream”
A huge Thank you to Jane from Disability and Beauty for Host Pick Of The Week 26/Nov/2012 for featuring “Checking Out The Pumkin&#…

Sold a Calendar!!!

Special thank you to Jane Neil-Hancock for purchasing my first calendar “Fantastic Ferral Felines”. I am doing my “Happy Dance” and plan on doing it all week long LOL. All kidding aside it is a true honor when another artist appreciates your work enough to purchase it and I am humbled by the jesture, thank you my friend. :)Pat

Another special thank you to Dee who originally came up with the idea for me to do Cat Calendars hugs :)

Thank you and update!

First a huge thank you to Tabby Time Cats & Their feline Friends for the lovely honor of the Featured Member this week and for using my image “Mystic Essence” as their Avatar for their group truly an honor and greatly appreciated. Thank you Sheri.

Secondly I have been off site for a little while, about a week a go I had quite an eye opener, I had a stroke. My appologies to those that I follow and friends who I admire that I have not kept up by commenting on your works or replied back on mine. Hopefully I will be back to normal speed soon. For the past almost 3 years I have cared for my husband as well as my 6 year old who has numerous health issues, I have been their caregiver. I have during that time devoted myself to them and their needs but unfortunately let my own hea…

Featured Artist Of The Day!

Thank you to THE GROUP-GALLERY OF ART & PHOTOGRAPHY for the wonderful and surprising honor of the special feature. I am humbled and tickled pink at the jesture as a new member of this group it was a great way to wake up this morning . Thank you again Deb very much appreciated. :)Pat

p.s my appologies I would put a link to the page but I haven’t learned how to do this yet, putting it on a learn to do list right now , LOL. :)

To Tag Or Not? That is the question!

Ok just wondering as I have been on RB a year now and never Tagged any of my works, so what is the pros and cons to doing this? I would love to hear everyones reason as to why they use this. It is not mandatory to post an image and as I have a nice following of supportors without it I’m not sure if I should try using it or not? I look forward to hearing from you all. :)Pat

HELP! Computer unknowledgeable! LOL

OK A computer whiz I am not, even very knowledgeable I am not, lol. So here is the problem…I would like to make a case for an I phone or use some of my pictures for T shirts/ kids clothing but… I can download the templates I hope to the right area on my computer but then nothing. I get the front sheet telling me I have the temps but what next??? How do I get the image I want on the temp?
Now I am sure I am the only fool on RB not sure what to do as I can find no where to get help. So any body with some extra time and willing to go into great lengths on how to do this I would be enternally grateful!
Now normally I would be struggling with this problem forever on my own but due to the length of frustrating time I have already put into the quest I am willing to undergo public sh…

My Update On RB

Well I have hit a bit of a milestone on my journey here on RB and just wanted to share. I have been here now 6 months and within that time I have had 151 features with 89 different images/works. I have had one image featured for a month, had 10 as permenent features, and I have had the pleasure of 1 Grand Slam. I have been fortunate enough to have 14 of my images make the Top Ten in challenges. I have won 3 challenges ( 2 of which tied for first place) The last win all on its own! Now I know this is tooting my own horn a bit, but after looking through my accomplishments here, I had to tell someone, LOL.
I have made several friends new and old and shared a common interest with many. I feel very honored to be among a group of talented and creative people such as on this site. I have learn m…

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