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Anyone interested in small town USA, check out the collaboration that Kathleen and I did about Fredonia, Kansas, my hometown. It’s fallen on economic hard times. I’ve been going through an introspective phase and been looking at how the world has changed since my teenage years. I started posting the Fredonia shots as a way to tell the world that these people have value. My friend Peg called our childhood “a special little bubble.” I’ve tried to give a balanced picture of life in a small corner of the US as it is at the moment and contrast it with the life I knew as a kid. America is not all malls and Mercedes. I’ve tried to take a blunt, warts and all look at what’s happened to Fredonia during the 40 years since I left town.

Thank you Kathleen for doing the layout for this piece and for having the idea to pull it all together iin the first place. My Fredonia friends who have read the article have loved it.

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