Jen Hawkins and Looks

Jennifer Hawkins look is not necessarily perfect but is definitely attractive. Her appearance is in the elite category and the latest nude shots are natural and beautiful. That some people may get depressed over viewing them is as much about human nature as anything else. We are a society based on separation and competition. Because of this we often see life as creating winners and losers.

To my mind when people who look as beautiful as Jen are presented natural and with humility we should all feel better for viewing them. Once again the press and public are crying foul and saying that promoting such imagery is hurting them and their kids. In my opinion the hurt may be real but the reason for the hurt is much deeper and is connected to our basic human nature.

However this nature is not natural and certainly not empowering. We have always short changed ourselves by not looking deeply into our discomfort. I accept that many people may develop eating disorders and depression because they feel inferior in looks to someone like Jennifer Hawkins. It is easy to blame the proliferation of imagery of women who look like Jen. Far harder to look deeper and ask yourselves why viewing such beauty hurts so much.

In general I believe that the hurt in society is because we sell out on our own souls. As such we lack real emotional strength and get hurt easily. Then when we get hurt we try to attack an external reason rather than look deep inside for our own empowerment. In rational terms some people are born with the genetics to look better than most. Others are born with genetics to allow them to think at levels deeper than most. Then we have musicians and sports people who are born with enhanced ability.

In my opinion the best way for humanity to live in joy and freedom is to celebrate the elite in all aspects of life. Beautiful looking women are perhaps the most beautiful aesthetic of material life. However whilst we are empowered by the aesthetics of such things as beautiful sunsets and beautiful animals when it is another person we know to be beautiful many of us become victims. I am not supporting manipulation through air brushing or sexually suggestive poses. I am 100% supporting the presentation of beautiful looking people in graceful and transparent imagery.

Society is not in a good way and perhaps never has been. We are not very trusting and not very inspired with life. Censoring beauty or questioning it due to the hurt of some is not going to change this. Encouraging beauty and excellence on every level should inspire us to be the best we can be. As part of this ideal we should encourage ourselves to look deeply into any pain we feel when exposed to such beauty and excellence. Only when we understand the source of our pain will we become truly strong and healthy individuals.


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Here in Australia one of our top models has posed nude without air brushing to raise awareness to how images are manipulated. The images have been questioned as she is an elite looking woman. Once again I see that society is reacting on the surface level rather than going deep for the real reason to their pain.


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  • D Allen
    D Allenover 4 years ago

    Nicely written.

  • shadowlee
    shadowleeover 4 years ago

    what is beauty anyway, it is man made by men, brainwashing women to think anything less than the perfect image on paper or otherwise is inferior. It is men that makes women go to extremes, painted faces, false body parts, etc to please men always has been like throughout history, nude explicit is guised as art, but most know better…don’t fool yourself or others..society has been ruled and is by men basically. Ugly is or what is termed by some beautiful to me, but to put an image up that is termed beautiful is false and misleading to many young impressionable people

  • Matt Bottos
    Matt Bottosover 4 years ago

    I’m not sure I fully understand shadowlee’s perspective…
    I am a man so am I to blame?
    I’m sure many women would find Jen’s image beautiful so aren’t they to be blame as well?
    I feel a pressure to look a certain way, therefore can I blame that on all women?

    Everyone has some element of beauty to them… it may be a kind heart, it may be a creative imagination, it may be a beautiful face. Unfortunately I think society in general (not just men) put an emphasis on physical beauty and this has been taken to an extreme. There is much to life to be admired and I think it is ALL elements of beauty are there to be admired.

    When I look at many of the amazing images on Red Bubble I often feel very envious and jealous and get an intense feeling that I need to come up with something as good or better. This is something that I really don’t like feeling and I’m really not proud of, but it’s an issue that I have and I need to deal with. I don’t blame the artist or anyone that may promote his/her image for it.

    Shadowlee please don’t think I’m having a go at you … I’m just interested in understanding your perspective a little better.

  • Hi Matt,

    Wonderful comments. I wish I had more of your ability to be rational and calm. I feel this issue so deeply and sometimes find it hard to stay at peace when discussing it. I think as we have found at the workshops that the more we relax the better we look. Looks are an important gift and if embraced as a gift they add to our soul connection. Once again a unified and transparent world would not likely experience such problems.

    Best Wishes Tony.

    – Tony Ryan

  • Larry Varley
    Larry Varleyover 4 years ago

    Well written Tony, I would have to disagree with shadowlee here, as it has been my observation that women dress to impress and go to extremes to impress other women more often than not. That issue is far more about self esteem and often a competitive instinct than it is about impressing men.

  • Thanks for your response Larry. For 20 years I have photographed what society would deem to be attractive women. In this time more than 70% have experienced some form of depression or mental illness. Once again I believe that they could have healed themselves in many instances just by going deeper in thought. Most of these women used their looks as a commodity rather than a gift. They were much about impressing others rather than living with grace. In a united society those with gifts would be humble and others would celebrate the various gifts of everyone.

    – Tony Ryan

  • msdebbie
    msdebbieover 4 years ago

    Beauty exists in many things like you say Tony (animal kingdom, nature and people). I do not see beauty in the way that shadowlee is describing either, Larry or Matt, because there are a growing number of men succumbing to eating disorders and the like nowadays too…I see part of that as the quest for aesthetic beauty more so than truth or freedom – all of which I want in my life, but as a thinker and person who wants creativity and inspiration, I look for beauty on more than a superficial level, and I suspect here is where we would all find agreement (at least on RB, I would hope so!)
    Anyway, it is wonderful to find something more akin to a well-considered essay on this topic – I really enjoyed reading this, and find myself in complete agreement Tony. Well done! Love and laughter, Deb xoxo

  • Thanks Deb. I value the balance of yor response. My main quest in life is to experience joy. I think that our gift of sight can bring much joy if we view externals from our heart not from what society conditions us to appreciate. To my mind if we take away all the manipulation then the sight of attractive women can really inspire our hearts. In general I just feel that society is shooting itself in the foot by trying to protect itself from any levels of discomfort. If we try to protect every weakness we will end up with a world that has little beauty or inspiration. I think most people are very interested in looks and a great number of us experience insecurity over looks. However if we really embrace this insecurity I beleive we will find a strength we never dreamed of accessing.

    – Tony Ryan

  • shadowlee
    shadowleeover 4 years ago

    We are entitled to our opinion I guess…..I totally agree with Matt’s..Everyone has some element of beauty to them… it may be a kind heart, it may be a creative imagination, it may be a beautiful face. Unfortunately I think society in general (not just men) put an emphasis on physical beauty and this has been taken to an extreme. There is much to life to be admired and I think it is ALL elements of beauty are there to be admired.

    What I am saying is in the media and society, beauty is portrait one dimensionally,

  • Hi Shadowlee,

    I am glad that Matt replied to you before I came back on to check the responses. I think he has raised some wonderful points. I do agree with you to a degree about men and their influence on how women are presented. However just because some have mis represented the aesthetics of attractive women does not mean that attractive women in transparency are not empowering for society. I also agree that there is beauty in so many aspects of life. However with regards to the looks of attractive women there is much confusion and manipulation.As Matt suggests balance has been lost with reagrds to this aspect of life. There is jealousy, lust and fear attatched to something that should be celebrated. Just as we celebrate people who are gifted in other aspects of life so too should we celebrate those who are gifted to look more aesthetically attractive than the majority. In my opinion the main reason for presenting women who are not as attractive as Jennifer Hawkins for example is to make less attractive women feel better about themselves. Should we also present people who are not gifted musically on the radio or allow average sportspeople to play on tv in major sporting events. Further should we allow people who are not gifted doctors to practice medicine. I believe that we all have different gifts and by celebrating the gifts others have we are giving ourselves more passion to excel in our own gifts.

    – Tony Ryan

  • Matt Bottos
    Matt Bottosover 4 years ago

    Thanks Shadowlee… all clear now :)
    oooh and thanks for a great post Tony!

  • shadowlee
    shadowleeover 4 years ago

    Tony I sometimes I do run off with the mouth without sitting down and taking more time how I word my thoughts, emotions get in the way….I do think your writings are brilliant and in no way am I denigrading you as you have made some good points..thanks for your reply

  • Thats cool. This issue is a very powerful one and to be honest it hits very deeply for me too. I am a man but have a real issue with how some men disrespect women. The aussie yobbo act being one such group that frustrates me by not going deeper into their own feelings. I also have dealt with many attractive women who have experienced depression and mental illness because they too failed to go deeper into their sensitivity. Appreciate your taking the time to respond to me.

    Best Wishes Tony.

    – Tony Ryan

  • Trudi Hipworth
    Trudi Hipworthover 4 years ago

    Hey tony :)
    I m guessing you ve written this after the paper on the weekend with Jen on cover..
    my first thought was wow she s gorgeous and looks beautiful but when i read the article i got annoyed ? the photo s were apparently to help young girls with body image problems which i thought was hilarious ..Jen apparently showed a small crease in her waist and little dimples in one thigh ?? like is Jen and the writers of that article serious ?! yeh thats really going to help girls feel better about there bodie s Jen because you show a tiny weeny crease ?? haha maybe Jen doesn t realise she s genetically gifted ?
    I don t know if i m way off track here Tony and your article is just about negative responses to Jen s pics in general ..i just saw a negative response in people myself after those pics of Jen but i thought it was more to do with what the article was about ?
    love Trudi :)

  • Hi Trudi,

    Thanks for commenting on this piece. I think that it was a positive that she posed without air brushing. I think it is ridiculous that we air brush women who are already attractive. Further I think that we should celebrate and promote beautiful women when they are presented with style and grace. I think the reason that young girls don’t feel better about themselves when viewing shots such as the Hawkins ones is as much to do with low self esteem than it is about the shots. If men and women viewed these shots for their beauty rather than to compare or compete that the affect would be empowering. So in one way I am agreeing with your point of view. I believe that the way human nature is set up most would be depressed seeing Jen look so good and without air brushing. However to me this just shows us how much work we need to do on our basic human nature. Provided gifted people present their gifts with humility we should be encouraged to be the best we can be rather than be depressed.

    Hope you are well.

    Best Wishes Tony.

    – Tony Ryan

  • Eigil
    Eigilover 4 years ago

    Hi Tony
    I love your words….what can I say?
    Beauty, perfection, strength, love, care, imperfection, doubt, pain and all the rest, is in the eye of the beholder. It is the barometer by which each is measured that matters and although there are many alike, there will never be two the same.
    Stay happy.

  • Hi Eigil,

    Thanks very much for commenting on this piece.

    Best Wishes Tony.

    – Tony Ryan

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