Project 1/52

Welcome to my Project 1/52

Johanne Brunet is the brains behind this brilliant idea to choose an object and/or theme and follow it week by week, capturing one image per week for an entire year. The project is being completed on Facebook and all participating will be uploading images to the Project 1/52 group.

The basis of this project is to explore ideas, expand skills and horizons, experiment, challenge ourselves and enjoy the experience.

I chose my Ansco Rediflex as it’s been a potential shoot subject for a very long time now. Always in the back of my mind, yet I never got around to capturing it. I can’t think of a better subject to focus on for an entire year than one that has been a huge part of my photographic life, but remained a humble and quiet achiever. :)

The cover image above is week one. I’ll continue to post images week after week in this folder and will hopefully have a collection and story to tell by this time next year. Occasional updates will be journalled from month to month.

I’m inspired and excited to be part of this project. Consciously focusing on a subject for an entire year is a new concept to me. A huge learning experience too, I am sure!

Thanks to Johanne for the hard work put in and all that is to come! Looking forward to seeing all the projects unfolding over time..


  • Evelina Kremsdorf
    Evelina Kremsdorfover 2 years ago

    I think images of NYC will fit in this perfectly! :D

  • I do believe my viewfinder has been wanting to visit NYC for a long time now! :)

    – Andrew Paranavitana

  • Evelina Kremsdorf
    Evelina Kremsdorfover 2 years ago

    The viewfinder’s request must be fulfilled!!!

  • Scared to think what would happen if I went against it’s wishes!!

    – Andrew Paranavitana

  • Evelina Kremsdorf
    Evelina Kremsdorfover 2 years ago

    This way you’ll deal with both your viewfinder and mine! And trust me, mine is mean!! And all caps are lined up!

  • Haha, now that’s a force to be reckoned with!

    – Andrew Paranavitana

  • mellychan
    mellychanover 2 years ago

    cool. i look forward to following this!

  • Thanks! Be great to have you on board for this one :)

    – Andrew Paranavitana

  • Jeff Clark
    Jeff Clarkover 2 years ago

    You’re such an amazing artist mate so I look forward to your project!

  • Wow thanks mate! What an awesome comment :)

    – Andrew Paranavitana

  • Lorraine Creagh
    Lorraine Creaghover 2 years ago

    How fantastic. You’re such a committed person and an awsome artists. I’m really looking forward to seeing this project unfold.

    I’ve been looking at a project also and have rejected the 365/6 as I’ve tried and not succeeded. Such a long term comittment just doesnt fit my life at the moment. i was looking around for a more achievable one and a 52 seemed to be perfect. Might try a themed one also. Thanks for the inspiration.

  • Ahh I totally missed this comment mate.. Thank you so much! Glad things turned around and we got you on board this one :)

    – Andrew Paranavitana

  • Jan Pudney
    Jan Pudneyover 2 years ago

    I am loving what you’re doing with this camera, Andrew!!!

  • Thanks Jan, that’s really great to hear! :)

    – Andrew Paranavitana