My work often takes two avenues of theme: a darker, sometimes scary world of unseen nightmares, and a nostalgic playground of warm memories, much safer and happier than the former.

I have always looked further than traditional methods of photography. Digital manipulation has allowed me to communicate and share my view of the world. I have a need to lace my work with elements of obscure visions and deliver a piece the viewer can connect with on multiple levels.

Andrew Paranavitana is an independent photographic artist, residing in Melbourne, Australia. His driving passion for photography began in 1994. Since then, Andrew has exhibited works locally and internationally, throughout USA and Europe. His vision today is to capture the world as we know it, and present it in a way that we may not.

My Most Featured Works
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In my absence over the last few months..

Hey everyone, / Recently, I’ve been missing in action on here, for the most part. Spending most of my time away from RB and my folios has been a big change for 2012. I will be returning soon though and I’m sorry to say I’ve missed a lot of your great art on here in recent months. That will be changing soon :) / Having said that, this is what I have been up to… / I’ve…
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ADay dot org

Check this out, very cool concept coming together here: / The world gets together on the 15th May to take and submit a photograph of their day. The combined work makes up a huge database of pictures of daily life on the planet. / The whole world is invited to sign up and participate tomorrow . The website is free to enter and available in 10 languages. / Images can be uploaded until 22nd…
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Upcoming Exhibitions..

I received some really exciting news last night and wanted to share it with my bubble crew :) / I’ve been accepted into the Melbourne Independent Photography Festival 2012. I read my acceptance email at 1am and I didn’t get much sleep last night :) / The festival will run from April 2nd (opening night) until April 8th 2012. Each day of the festival will play host to a different event,…
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Joseph Kony.. Please look at this journal.

Check out this 30 minute documentary, created by the man who has started the world wide movement to bring Joseph Kony to justice. Kony is the Ugandan guerilla leader who, for the last 26 years, has been abducting children from Ugandan families and turning them into sex slaves and training them in rebel militia combat. / I know 30 minutes is a rather long video, but I promise you, it will change t…
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