"Featured in January 2012

What an unusual winter we are having this year here in the Poitou Charentes! IT is very mild, with a couple of dips, hardly any frost or ice! BUT I feel I might be talking too soon as snow is predicted for next week! Hard to believe when it’s so lovely and sunny outside!
My First feature of the year was one of my latest works, one if which I am actually quitely happy with, and makes a lovely large card!
Featured in A Place To Call Home 5th January ’12

This little fella buzzed back on screen for a new 2012 appearence – featuring in 2 very different group!

Featured in WINGED INSECTS GROUP 8 January
Featured in Dutch Showcase 8 January

I have had this image here on the Bubble for a good couple of years, after uploading it for a challenge and receiving some lovely comments I also was so thrilled to have it feature more times in 2 days than in 2 years! You can imagine how thrilled I am!

Featured in Canon DSLR 26th January
Featured in The Group 25th January
Featured in Canon Photography 27th January
Featured in Artists Universe 31st January

Another golden oldie was featured within this last week of January as well!

Featured in Monochrome in Color 26th January

For a Tangy Feature, once again Oranges made a come back!

Featured in Monochrome in Color 26th January

Springing into the groups another older image!

Featured in Inspired Art 27th January
Featured in Pastels and Whites 30th January

Featured in Rainbow – Yellow 28th January

Featured in Rainbow – Yellow 28th January

Featured in Artists Universe 29th January

Thank you so much to the hosts of the above groups – the 26th Jan was a very good day, not only my Mother-in-Laws Birthday but a definitive day of features, featuring once in a group is always a great feeling but twice in the same day or week is an even better feeling – thank you to all those that have stopped by with such lovely comments also!

*Footnote – it snowed! Monday the 30th – so we did get a cold January in the end and an even colder start to February!! brrrrrr…………

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