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The Trouble with Napoleon

Good morning Napoleon!
“What shall we do today?” Mommy asks Napoleon.
Napoleon plays with his toys. He likes his squeaky yellow bear. He dances with his mommy.
“Bah,Bah,Bah,” Napoleon sings.
Napoleon yawns. It’s time for his morning nap. He cannot sleep. He cries. Where is mommy? He does not see her. He cries even louder. There is mommy. Napoleon smiles and giggles. He does not want to sleep.
It’s time for lunch. He tries to eat, but he is tired. He rubs his eyes. Now he has blueberries on his face. What a mess! Napoleon cries and bangs his hands on his chair. Napoleon needs an afternoon nap. He tries to sleep, but cannot. He cries. No one is coming. He cries louder.
“Mama,Mama,” cries Napoleon. His mommy comes to see him.
“Go to sleep Napoleon,” mommy says.
Napoleon looks up and smiles. He does not want to sleep. His mommy lets him play with is toys. Napoleon gets angry, he is very tired. He throws his toys. He waves his arms in the air. Napoleon yells.
“Napoleon, you are tired. You need to sleep,” mommy says.
Napoleon smiles and giggles. It’s time to eat supper. His mommy tries to feed him. But he is tired. The food is on the floor and on his face. Poor Napoleon. He is very tired. His mommy lays him in bed. She gives him a kiss and leaves the room. Napoleon cries. His mommy does not come. He kicks and he yells. He waits. Then he cries again. Loud. His mommy comes. He laughs. Napoleon wants his mommy. Napoleon quietly falls asleep in his mommy’s arms. Sweet dreams Napoleon.

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I wrote this story when my oldest of four was just a bit over two. My son Napoleon has autism and the only way he could ever communicate to me anything was to make sounds or just barely say mama. Though at the time I did not know he had autism. I drew illustrations for it and hope one day to finish it. It is a rough draft written over 10 years ago. I use to write alot for children, but have not written in many years.
Any guidance i would appreciate. This is intended to be a picture book.


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