Welcome to Panda3y3 Designs, full of the wittiest, darkest, and cutest illustrations around, all available to be printed on different formats.

  • Visit the ‘So Punny’ collection for designs centred around hilarious visual puns in a variety of styles.
  • Or take a gander at the ‘Dead Gorgeous’ page to see the sinister stylings of drop dead cute girls.
  • The ‘Otterly Cute’ page lists all the adorable animals, big eyes begging you to buy them.
  • Acid Bugs’ will show you the meticulously hand drawn, ink designs using various bugs and intricate patterns.

Panda3y3 Designs is dedicated to creating the best illustrations we can, just for you, in a variety of styles, colours, and forms. Leaves us a comment so we know what you think and we can further improve our service.

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