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Kitty Army Inc. and The Cat Collection

Well, by now people that had been following me in RedBubble and of course those who know me personally already noticed the great love I have for cats, specially mine. So I thought would be worth to take the time to write about The Kitty Army and The Cat Collection.

The Kitty Army Inc. came up from a game that no longer exist in Facebook called Super Heroes (back when Zynga didn’t invade us with their farms) in that game to were able to gang up with your friends or other people to form an alliance and do wars against other alliances or just individuals.

My avatar was a cartoon of myself dressed with the yellow jumpsuit from Kill Bill and of course one of my war cry was that my kitty army (I have 6 of them) and me would rule the world was funny because eventually I got to be known as The Kitty Kommander among the many wonderful friends I made in that game, so fo me the next logical step was actually create The Kitty Army Inc. (That and my nemesis was El Presidente Pinguino, a crazy friend who claimed have a penguin army hehehe) So, long story short, the cats you see in the Kitty Army Inc. collection are my actual cats, but despite that I hope create new characters that will form part of that army, even when they are not mine or simply doesn’t exist.

As for The Cat Collection I can only say they’re my favorite animals, they’re graceful, curious, independent, free spirits and I could say a lot of qualities of what makes cats my favorite animal and over all they always inspire me in many ways.

Tia Pasta the original one

Tia Pasta Reloaded (AKA The Kitty Kommander) this version includes the first kitty army

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