My name is Gena..
I love painting, photography, glasswork,color, little dogs, the sound of birds,beaches,junk,foreign films,scrabble,travel,philosophy.
Vegetarian,volunteer, tree-hugger, activist for peace, animal and civil rights.
Currently living on the beach in Southern California

I like to enter challenges…Sometimes winner Sometimes top ten ten but most of the time just for Fun.

Thank you kind Redbubblers!


red and yellow pink blue green Sometimes I like orange or purple and brown or grey or a Rainbow of colors

Sometimes things look better in black & white…

black&white white or sepia

Click nature insects   birds and animals

See my flowers and my macros

I like landscapes but I REALLY like seascapes

I find shooting fruits and veggies lots of fun…

I like the look of abstracts especially urban

Love a pretty still life life

and types of transportation

I love
travel andarchitecture windows and glass

These are a few of my favorite things things

I like numbers and photos with a sense of humor

can be very cool.


I like to use photography to do a little creative work..such as flower painting or a bit of selective coloring coloring

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