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Martin immediately galvanized into action, and took off after the Professor….he was too late….there was a car waiting outside, which roared off as soon as he got to the gate of the compound….crestfallen he returned to the hut where the others were waiting…
“No luck…he’s gone”
Dejectedly they turned back to the table which a few minutes before were covered with the journals and paintings… Jill was still standing there…
“Why on earth did you not pick up on my hint, that we should keep the journals.”…Nick was furious…“why did you insist on giving them to him…I just had a sudden suspicion that he wasn’t who he said he was….he was far too eager to get to the paintings…now he has them all….what the hell are we going to do now?”
Go on with the work”….answered Jill…
“And how do you imagine we are going to do that”…jeered Max….“the man has them all”..
No he hasn’t” answered Jill with a triumphant grin.. “they’re all here” and from under the table, she pulled out an identical box to the one the professor had taken away….
With a shout of glee Martin ran over and opened the box….yes, there they were, intact, tumbled together but safe….
“How on earth did you manage that you beautiful girl?”
“I knew he was a fake as soon as he walked in and felt we should get rid of him right away…that meant giving him what he wanted…the paintings”…
“How did you know he was a fake?”
“Professor Oliver never had a Stone Poppy…he had a wooden one”…
“So what did he take away in the box?”
“Some useless papers”
“But what about when he opens it?”
“I don’t think he will do that till he is far away from here, but we can’t take any chances…we have got to work fast and figure out what all this means…the lord knows what kind of mood he’ll be in when he finds out what we did”…
“O.K. Let’s get to work…..Nick took charge again…
Untangling the contents of the box,he brought out another painting…worn, old, stained, it had masses of script, and a receipt of Da Vinci’s?…
“Never” said Martin…but that’s what it looked like…what’s more there was more writing by Da Vinci, though they had a hard time deciphering the words…and again they saw many of the same words that were found in the earlier journals..
“Why is the Poppy trapped behind wire?” asked Maddy…and looking closer they saw that it was covered with knotted wire…“is it in prison?”
“Art, Money, O,Keefe, Impressions, Da Vinci, Prison, Gold…together what do they mean? queried Josh…
“Maybe it’s”, started Anne..
But before she could continue, Tom who had been missing through all the recent drama, ran in and shouted…
“_I think I know who Poppy is_

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Gold Dust

Blue and Red

The Tapestry

The Five in White

Artis Praeceptor

Ars Longa Vita Brevis

The Poppy Journals


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I paint in many different styles and feature a myriad of subject matter, which I show as individual collections….
I am inspired by the world interpreting it in brilliant colours, often influenced by the writings of famous authors and poets..
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  • © Janis Zroback
    © Janis Zrobackalmost 4 years ago

  • Ellen Keagy
    Ellen Keagyalmost 4 years ago

    Hopes this works! (I see no ‘reply’ button)

    Again Masterpieces!
    Cleaver lady!

  • The button is shows on my art page when I reply to you….
    Thank you so much Ellen…the story continues…

    – © Janis Zroback

  • Anna D'Accione
    Anna D'Accionealmost 4 years ago

    WOW Janis what a story.!! This is another triumph. The image is superb, the colours vibrant, and it adds so much to the whole concept. Congratulations!!

  • Thank you so much Anna…if I ever flag during this series, I only have to read your incredibly encouraging comments and I am energised again…

    – © Janis Zroback

  • Ellen Keagy
    Ellen Keagyalmost 4 years ago

    Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!! the story continues, she says!

  • Ellen Keagy
    Ellen Keagyalmost 4 years ago

    ps my cats name is DaVinci,
    thanks for adding him into your story…giggles

  • Maybe he knows the solution and can tell me what it is…

    – © Janis Zroback

  • Ellen Keagy
    Ellen Keagyalmost 4 years ago

    giggles I will ask him to contact you spiritually!
    blessings dear lady!

  • GloriaDK
    GloriaDKalmost 4 years ago

    Janis this series is so….good and has one waiting for the next episode.

  • Thank you so much Gloria…I’m so glad to know that…

    – © Janis Zroback

  • Leslie Gustafson
    Leslie Gustafsonalmost 4 years ago

    This would be a wonderful decorative piece in a home or restaurant – so richly textured and that yummy orange!! So now who is Poppy!?

  • I know as much as you do at this point…in other words not a clue…the next painting might give me a clue, but who knows?…it may be another red herring…
    Thanks so much Leslie…I’m glad you’re enjoying it…

    – © Janis Zroback

  • eoconnor
    eoconnoralmost 4 years ago

    wonderful red and gold colours in this a stand out painting !Janis love the twists and turns wonderful writting and keeping our interest Janis ,what next !!!!LIZ

  • That’s the thing…I never know what’s next till I paint it…I am dying to find out what happens at the end, but I have to wait to get inspired by the painting…I’m thrilled that you are enjoying the story and the paintings…thank you so much Liz….

    – © Janis Zroback

  • © Janis Zroback
    © Janis Zrobackalmost 4 years ago

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