Introducing leggings. You’ll never run out of inspiration.


The Soup..

I have been asked so many times how I achieve certain effects, that I decided that I would write a short article that would explain some of my basic Watercolour methods

How often do you clean your watercolour palettes…daily, weekly, monthly, never?
I have a number of palettes going at the same time…the reason for this is that I like to keep pastel colours in one palette, deeps in another and so on…
I also have a main palette that always has the same basic colours in it…see below….this is the one I use on a regular basis…in it I keep what I call "The Soup…it’s the darkest area on the right in the middle

The Soup" is a mixture of colours that though they look like it, are NEVER MIXED TOGETHER but sit side by side and are allowed

In Case You Wondered

Why my new work has slowed down so much, it is because I am ill and have been for some weeks..
It will be at least three more weeks for full recovery, unless of course I have a relapse

Please, if you see that features are slow or banners are missing it is because I have slowed down myself…I can do features on my IPad, but not banners…those will have to wait till I can sit at my desk..

I am still pretty active on Facebook as that I can do from my IPad, so if you want to see a bunch of great new room settings that I created featuring my work, and other photos, come visit me over there

Thanks so much

Knocking It Off and Selling It....

From my Winter Collection 2008..

“One of the oldest sins in art is knocking off someone else’s creation and selling it"…
Take a leisurely stroll around this site sometime and you will see many instances of works supposedly inspired by, but instead are blatant copying not only of other members works, but the works of other artists and creators, amounting to copyright infringement…
The risk involved to the person doing the copying, can involve anything from a complaint in the form of a DMCA notice to the site admin, to a Cease and Desist letter from an attorney or worse, an actual lawsuit…

“How do you determine the difference between inspiration and plagiarism? It’s easy, but don’t ask me to explain it. Just like Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart once sa

Redbubble Please Read This...

Room Settings… by © Janis Zroback

Wouldn’t you all love to display your works in room settings like the ones above?
It gives the viewers immediate feedback as to how a work would look in their rooms and would definitely increase sales..
We could have a variety of settings on our edit pages and choose the ones that suit our works.. a more advance version would be if the viewer could click on a room setting of their choice…
It could be optional, but I bet once it is seen how successful it can be, we would all want to show our works hanging in actual rooms…these are some of my paintings shown in the poster

Don’t you think this is a great idea?…
European POD sites already have this option and RB needs to get ahead of competition here asap…
If you do lik

Wild Things

Wild Things… by © Janis Zroback

Some will see death in these familiar seed heads, but I see life…they are brown, dry, crisp to the touch, but they stand tall in the garden defying Winter’s rage, while all around them bow in defeat….
I remember the white, the pink, the yellow blaze of colour not so long ago flaunted in pride high above the garden bed….
In these sere days, in these hours of melancholy wheeling flights, they give us reason for hope…Janis Zroback

We have a raging blizzard outside right now…time to think about what lies beneath..
More here

To Title...Or Not...

No work of art should go untitled…“every child deserves a name….it is simply disrespectful to the picture, the viewer and, ultimately, to the gallery owner” (not to title works of art)….so stated artist Neo Rauch in an interview …the German painter continued to assert that…. "I have to ensure people linger in front of my pictures. Viewers must be rewarded—if people devote time to the picture then they must receive something in return"….

Neo Rauch’s enigmatic paintings, an intensely coloured mix of realism, surrealism, pop art and comic-book imagery, have brought him huge international success. In Germany his work still fuels debate on the pros and cons of figurative painting.

The Museum Frieder Burda in Baden-Baden held a successful

I'm Celebrating....

While checking my works pages tonight I was astonished to note that I have accumulated over two million (a total of 2,039,985) views of my artworks and writing..
What a lovely surprise!
Sharing this fabulous news gives me the opportunity to express my gratitude to you who made it possible…
Thanks so much to all of you who have been so incredibly supportive from the day I came through the gate and joined this wonderful site, and continue to be so today…
Thanks so much to the wonderful group hosts that have featured my art works and all my social media friends who pop in for a look especially all of you on Facebook and Twitter
And thanks so much to those of you who bought some of my work…
I hope you are all enjoying your pillows, prints, totes, cards etc. as much as I did creati

To Sign Or Not....

A big debate is going on right now in one of my FB art groups

A group member was asked by a client to please not sign the work they commissioned from her, as they did not like to see her signature

What do you think?
Would you comply and not sign, sign anyway and risk their anger, sign only the back of the work, or not accept the commission and lose the sale

Is There Anything Left To Paint?

Painting has lost symbolic force and function in a culture of promiscuous knowledge and glutting information

The old, slow art of the eye and the hand, united in service to the imagination, is in crisis

Artists confirm that anything attempted in painting now can’t help but be a do-over of something from the past, unless it’s so nugatory that nobody before thought to bother with it

The above are excerpted statements from a recent article in the New Yorker..I must admit the writer made some very good points…
I found myself nodding in agreement with many of them..have a look and come back to discuss…lots to think about