How to Make Your Marketing Posts on Twitter, FaceBook and LinkedIn More Effective

The information below helps you target your marketing posts to your audiences, clients or businesses including other artists, at the best time and with the greatest effect..
Believe it or not the stats are very significant…I have taken the time to edit this excerpt to suit your particular needs as artists and that includes all media…B means you the artist..C means client ..

The following is drawn from research conducted by Compendium, a content marketing platform that helps organizations easily distribute branded content to a variety of marketing channels

You work hard to create great content.
Now you need people, businesses or clients, to actually see what you create.That means optimizing your social media strategy across different platforms. But how

The better you know your audience the better you can tailor your social media marketing strategy to meet their needs. So your results may vary, but the following is a great place to start.

How to Say It..

1. Is there an ideal social message length?

Twitter: One to five words is the ideal length for B2C relationships; consumers appreciate short and sweet. Where B2B is concerned, 11-15 words is ideal; any shorter and the message may not provide enough information to draw them in…(long rambling posts on FB about your latest art work might not work as buyers lose interest)

2. Do question marks draw interest or spark conversations?

Twitter: Messages receive 52% fewer clicks if a question mark is included…(don’t ask, tell them what it is and where they can buy it)..

People tend to use Twitter and LinkedIn to find answers, not answer questions.
Facebook may be a better option for surveys and questions

3. Are exclamation marks effective?

Twitter: Using exclamation marks results in 8% fewer clicks on Twitter…Evidently hyperbole or breathless enthusiasm isn’t helpful on Twitter.

LinkedIn: Exclamation marks work—but as Compendium notes, "Only use exclamation marks when relevant… if everything is exciting, nothing is exciting."

4. Are hashtags effective?

Twitter:Hashtagged messages are 193% more effective for B2B…their followers appreciate relevant hashtags; B2C followers do not like hashtags…(keep Hashtags on Twitter related to the artwork..if your followers are mostly artists they will appreciate it..if mostly buyers, they won’t)..

LinkedIn: LinkedIn users are able to follow conversations using hashtags and for B2B connections, they work.

5. Does using a number really make a difference?

Conventional wisdom says social media posts (and blog posts and article titles) with numbers in them generate more clicks. The results are mixed..

Use numbers when they’re appropriate, but otherwise don’t force them because they don’t make much difference…(in other words, no one really cares how many of the item has already been sold, unless of course it’s limited edition prints and you have only two left…if that is the case then say you have only two left)..

6.When To Say It

Best days of the week are the top of the week…
Best hours of the day_Twitter: Between 10 a.m. and noon. LinkedIn: From 9 a.m. through lunchtime…Facebook: Lunchtime and later afternoon
…. stats compiled by Jeff Haden at

Please let me know if you find information like this helpful to your marketing plan..if it is I will post more as time goes by and this post will be left up indefinitely…

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