Well...this is a new one...

Everyday I am emailed examples of the old scams..you know the ones where they want to buy your art, they send you more than the art is worth, you send back the difference and suddenly you’re out money and art…they come in all guises, but this is a new one, (at least it’s new to me)..maybe some of you have received this already, but I wanted you to be aware of it anyway…
Unless it’s plain and simple phishing, I can’t figure out this particular game..can you

Hope you’re having a pleasant day today,
I’m a research journalist and I travel every now and then within and outside the US working on various independent projects ( Artwork ), this is why I need someone who can help keep up to date with all of my activities especially when I’m away and amidst my busy schedule.
I am married with kids, my husband is a deaf, his name is Christopher he stays at home everyday, he is intelligent and caring, he can take care of things from there for me, he will be sending your payment to you when its time to pay you… He can be reach through his cell phone number (760) 364-0703 …. please contact him only by text message he can talk cos he is a deaf.
I would love to meet up with you to talk about this job but I am currently away on business in Austria, so there will be no interview.I will be back by the Middle of August. I will prepay you in advance to do my shopping. I will also have my mails and packages forwarded to your address. If you will be unable to stay at your house to get my mails, I can have it shipped to a post office near you and then you can pick it up at your convenience. When you get my mails/packages you are required to mail them to addresses that I will send you, and don’t worry, all expenses and taxes will be covered by me. I will be paying you $250 weekly. I need your service because I am constantly out of town.If you don’t mind I will meet up with you when I return and then we can talk about the possibility of making this long term.
I will email you the list and pictures of what to shop for when I am ready,no heavy packages is involved.You can do the shopping at Sears, Wal-Mart, Kmart and Best buy or any other stores. I will provide you my UPS/FEDEX account number for shipping. I will provide clear set of instructions for each task I need to be done as well as the funds to cover them. I will mail you money to do my shopping plus upfront payment for your service.
This position is home-based and flexible part time job,you can be in any location you will be working from your home doing all the activities.All you need do is to check your emails twice daily and keep your phone on most times in case I might need to call you from anywhere I may be.I do have a number of things you could help me with next month,if you will be available to start.This can act as a stable foundation to our working relationship.
For proper review (since i am not available now to set up a face-to-face interview) supply out correctly the information below to my email melissabaxandale@gmail.com:
First Name :
Last Name:
Full Street Address(not po box) :
City, State, Zip Code:
Cell Phone Number:
Home Phone Number:
Current Occupation:
Month Salary:
Your Salary Will be $250 weekly($1,000 monthly)
Also,there will be compensation for efficiency and hard working.
Melissa F. Baxendale

Do they think artists are absolute idiots?

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