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Avoiding Mistakes When Making Connections..

We’ve talked about the importance of utilizing social media sites as part of your marketing tools, but do you know that using them incorrectly is just as bad as not using them at all..I did some extensive research on the net and found some excellent tips on avoiding SM mistakes..

  • 1.Over-following:
    Social media is based on the foundation of making connections and it is important to build these over time by adding value to the community… do this by listening, interacting and adding to the conversation.. There are no shortcuts so be careful about following too many people in a short amount of time. This will only result in an unmanageable account with no “true” connections to build on
    ….Mashable has 2,329,890 followers but follows only 2,256
  • 2.Using too many social media tools:
    A quality social media campaign requires focus and patience. Before trying to create a presence on every social media site, achieve success on one and then leverage your learnings in additional accounts
  • 3.Abandoning your social media profile:
    While it is easy to create an account, it can be very difficult to maintain an active profile. Before jumping in, you must be prepared to spend the time to maintain your account for the long haul
    Initially I posted almost daily on Twitter, but soon found that difficult to maintain along with FB and now Linked In, not to mention everything else that makes up my day… I now post less frequently on Twitter, but have increased my posts on FB..
  • 4.Thinking social media is free:
    While it does not cost anything to sign up for a Twitter or Facebook page, it does require time to create and manage the accounts. These costs must be accounted for when calculating your financial investment in social media
  • 5.Posting first, thinking later:
    Since social media “conversations” happen in real-time, individuals tend to act in a reactionary way. It is always better to think before you post and in some instances it is better to say nothing at all
    ….On Twitter, I tend to pay more attention to those who post information I could use…e.g. the aforementioned Mashable (Pete Cashmore) whose links and information never fail to interest me
  • 6.Assuming ROI is impossible to calculate.. (It’s not difficult at all…google analytics are a big help)
    This is a huge mistake as it is achievable to produce tangible values that can be attributed to the bottom line
  • 7.Expecting the world:
    Social media is helping to change the landscape however it does have limitations
    ….that’s where your other marketing tools come in
  • 8.Failing to Monitor:
    While you cannot control the conversations out in the socialsphere, you can monitor and respond when appropriate
    as in retweeting important information
  • 9.Expecting Instant Results:
    Social Media is not a one-way street and requires time to build trust and relationships within a community
  • 10.Failing to Invest Sufficient Resources:
    In order to build relationships it takes a considerable amount of time and energy to maintain your Social Media presence. People that succeed are those that have a clear objective and implement a strategy based on market research and a commitment to seeing their efforts through to completion
  • 11.Focusing Internally:
    As mentioned earlier, Social Media is not a one-way street and it requires you to listen and interact. Focusing solely on your own agenda will not help you grow your audience – you MUST provide value to the community
  • 12.Not Building Networks or Using Syndication:
    This is not the “Field of Dreams” (if you build it, they will come). While great content is extremely important, it is essential to use your blog, Twitter/LinkedIn accounts, and other social media tools (RSS syndication) to build a group of influencers that will amplify your content
  • 13.Ignoring Synergy Between Different Media Campaigns:
    It is important that you do not silo your social media activities from your website, public relations activities or your online marketing campaigns. Each of these is an opportunity to grow your presence and cross-linking is highly recommended
    I cross linked right from the beginning of my start in social media, and monitoring regularly helps me to take advantage of any changes or new additions..
    Sources and Extracts…Business to Business..Business to Community

P.S. this information referenced Twitter, but in fact relates to all SM sites…
Note…it is not all business there…I follow people who post not only info about art but music or info about food, anything that attracts my interest including other RB members….

Please share your thoughts and insights on this post and your experiences in using social media as part of your marketing strategy….


  • Tahnja
    Tahnjaabout 2 years ago

    Love it…very relative and helpful. The single most irritating and annoying thing I find on SM sites is artists or just people even who do nothing but push, push, push for nothing else but themselves and their own agenda. I absolutely LOATHE that! I chose to deliberately keep my FB page personal to share my talents AND my life in general. I personally do not like FB Page set ups. I find the personal page works best for me and I get a wonderful interaction of friends and fans.

  • Yes I use my personal page for everything..I find I can configure it so everyone sees only what I want them to see…I basically share only things like new work and other general matters…nothing so incredibly personal that the world couldn’t see it…glad you liked the article…thanks so much for the feedback Tahnja…

    – ©Janis Zroback

  • Cindy Schnackel
    Cindy Schnackelabout 2 years ago

    Good info, agree with it.

  • Thanks so much Cindy.. :))

    – ©Janis Zroback

  • LoreLeft27
    LoreLeft27about 2 years ago

    sigh actually i just loathe social media i think it started the copyright infringement war
    people just have to post things that arent theirs i see no difference in facebook, myspace, tumbler, than that of pininterest every one wants your stuff without regards to your feelings
    i still know of two facebook sites that using illegal art here and here

  • Well like it or not it’s here to stay and more and more it will become the only place to sell work, to find jobs, to communicate about everything…yes it has drawbacks…many…but eventually those will be minimized if not eradicated…right now like locking our homes when we go out, we have to take precautions to protect our work….use the best of Social Media to your advantage and protect yourself from the worst, which is actually not as bad as it could be…

    – ©Janis Zroback

  • P.S. remember it’s not the site but the users who are committing the fraud…of course Pinterest makes it a bit easier with their pin button, but FB certainly does not encourage infringement..

    – ©Janis Zroback

  • emmajb
    emmajbabout 2 years ago

    This, together with the Who is Your Audience? post, is a very interesting insight into SM sites as marketing. To be honest I find all the SM sites quite overwhelming and time consuming, I often don’t even leave comments on things I’m interested in as it seems to take me forever(I can’t just write and post, there is a lot of umming and ahhing first…). I guess to pursue this road, you would really need to incorporate it into you work “day” and plan ahead how much time you are willing to invest in it?

  • Once you open an account, it falls automatically into place…Twitter allows you only 140 spaces so you have to be very brief, but on Facebook you can be more sociable and post not only your new work, but things that might interest your friends…you can also open a fan page to show only your art…
    The important thing to remember is that if you want to sell your art work, social media sites as a marketing tool is no longer just an option, it is a necessity and is daily becoming the most important way to sell anything…in the future and indeed it is happening already, people will use their smart phones as the first point of contact with anything and anyone…if you don’t have a presence on any social media site, no one will know of your existence…

    – ©Janis Zroback

  • EleanorMann
    EleanorMannabout 2 years ago

    Thank you once again, Janis, for another interesting article. Lots of points to think about and act on.

    I joined Twitter at the same time as I joined RB (Dec 12) but so far have not Tweeted. Partly because I am finding it impossible to “find” interesting people to follow that I’m not already following here on RB or people who are already friends on FB. Any advise on how to find people?

    My Facebook page is mainly supported by existing, loyal friends but I’d like to attract other people including other artists for their valuable feedback. My intention was to Blog via my website (for SEO purposes) linking it to Twitter and Facebook (in order to attract followers that are not already friends) but I’m not sure who to target my blog to. I’d like to blog about watercolour painting but other artists will not necessarily be interested in this. If you have any suggestions at all I’d be so grateful to hear them.

    I’m getting to the point now……..What are your experiences with these social media sites? Do I NEED to active on all of them? Is one any better than another, and if so, why? Thanks.

  • For me FB and Twitter are really the best…I do have a profile on Google+ but I am not very active there…
    I find two is enough to concentrate on and spreading yourself thin never works…have a look at my posts “People are talking about you…join the conversation” and “Who is Your Audience”…they will provide you with some answers…
    You can find interesting people by looking through the lists on Twitter….they list all kinds of occupations so you will have lots from which to chose…

    – ©Janis Zroback