Getting it Straight...

In looking over my gallery here, I realized that several time I used the word series instead of collection…purely inattention I think…luckily it was only a few times, but I wondered if others did the same thing, and thought I should set the record straight…
Though I do paint in series, mostly I paint collections of a similar subject matter…though I really enjoy creating a series, I find painting collections much more exciting

  • Series explore a single theme, Collections a similar topic…Note it would be the same for photography, digital or mixed media work…

Many of the artists of the past painted in series…I have included two of them below…Van Gogh and Monet, showing both examples of their series paintings and samples of collections…below that I’ve included samples from one of my series, The Portfolio Collection and samples from my Flower Collection

Painting in a series is done for a number of reasons…
To investigate and explore a single subject, a special technique, to elicit emotional response from viewers, and for marketing primarily to galleries who prefer to mount shows that are a consistent body of work

Van Gogh’s Sunflower Series…exploring a single theme..

Images from VanGogh’s Collection…Night

Monet’s Series of Charing Cross Bridge..The Thames

From Monet’s Collection of Garden works

Part of my Portfolio Series…link above…there are other fruit in this series, but the exploration of style makes it a series

A Selection from my Flower Collection…though they are all in pink, they can’t be called a series


    BLYTHARTalmost 4 years ago

    Thanks for explaining the difference.

  • You’re welcome Dave…I found myself using them interchangeably a few times and I wondered how many people did the same thing…thanks for the feedback…

    – ©Janis Zroback

  • eoconnor
    eoconnoralmost 4 years ago

    thanks foe this info janis important ! !Liz)

  • It is a very important distinction Liz and you’re very welcome…

    – ©Janis Zroback

  • Danica Radman
    Danica Radmanalmost 4 years ago

    oh my – thanks a million!

  • You’re very welcome…it’s an important distinction…

    – ©Janis Zroback

  • Jim Phillips
    Jim Phillipsalmost 4 years ago

    I know I’ve been one of the quilty ones referring to “your series.” From here on out it’s “collections.” Great examples you used Janis.

  • Thanks Jim…it is quite a difference in that it’s a very different way of approaching a subject matter…

    – ©Janis Zroback

  • Karirose
    Karirosealmost 4 years ago

    Never gave it a second thought which means I put them to mean the same thing without thinking about it. Thank you for setting it all straight. :) I appreciate all the valuable info you give us and the valuable time you put into it. Thank you.

  • You’re very welcome Karirose…it’s actually a very clear distinction and if you ever think of mounting a show, selling to prospective collectors or approaching a gallery, you need to know the difference…

    – ©Janis Zroback

  • Karirose
    Karirosealmost 4 years ago

    Now that I think about it then, my group of paintings I refer to as “the dark times” which reflect my negative emotions would be a collection because while they are emotions, they are all different negative emotions—anger, depression, frustration, etc. Am I getting that right? If I were to make a series out of it, I could put various depictions of depression together to make a series – of which I have three at the moment, but done in different styles so those particular three wouldn’t be a series, then?

  • In a series, you are generally exploring the subject matter in various ways…e.g. VanGogh’s Sunflowers done in different colours….with your theme of depression, if it is quite clear that you are exploring it but in different ways then I guess it would fall into the category…but technically it’s the visuals that make it a series…that being said I think you can certainly call it a series if you want to..

    – ©Janis Zroback

  • © Pauline Wherrell
    © Pauline Wher...almost 4 years ago

    Thanks for that Janis – I don’t think I do either – I do styles!

  • You’re very welcome….if you have your profile page images collected together, then you probably have collections… :))

    – ©Janis Zroback

  • Cindy Schnackel
    Cindy Schnackelalmost 4 years ago

    I see the point, but think it’s a very fine point and doubt that most viewers/buyers would be concerned whether you called works a series or a collection. I can pretty much find what I’m looking for in your portfolio by the way you have it organized and would never have given the words series and collection a second thought…until now, LOL! But if it makes it easier for you to group your work, or keep it straight in your mind and your records, that’s helpful. By this definition I believe most of my work would be collections, with the exception of the Peanut paintings maybe. And even then, not really sure.

  • It’s in the traditional genre of painting and is still used today to separate bodies of work from collections of work…
    The word exploration is the key here…exploring a single subject in a variety of ways…e.g. a single flower, instead of a bunch of different flowers, as in VG’s Sunflowers…the word series implies one following the other, and my Portfolio series fall into that category..
    However my Cherries aren’t, as the only thing that ties them together is the fact that they are cherries…every single one of them is different from the other…I was not really exploring but painting cherries in different ways…
    Your Peanut series might be as they sort of follow each other and tie together?..I will have to look at them again…

    – ©Janis Zroback

  • Danica Radman
    Danica Radmanalmost 4 years ago

  • Fantastic…thank you so much for the feature Danica….

    – ©Janis Zroback

  • Marion Chapman
    Marion Chapmanalmost 4 years ago

    i am loving reading your blogs!!!
    i didn’t know the difference between a series and a collection – just love the images above.

  • That is so good to know Marion…thanks so much for the feedback…

    – ©Janis Zroback