Selling Online....Alternative Ideas #1

I have quite a few posts on how to improve sales in my journal here…
E.G…See How to sell more art
I’ve decided it’s time to add to those posts with some alternative ideas and lucrative ways that artists are now marketing their works and at the same time driving potential buyers to their online galleries…one of these is through affiliate marketing

  • Affiliate Marketing is an Internet-based marketing practice in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought about by the affiliate’s marketing efforts. It is an application of crowd sourcing. ..Wiki
    In other words you offer friends, family, and even strangers a percentage of any sale they secure on your behalf…a number of artists are using this method of marketing to great effect and if organized properly, it can be a win, win, win proposition
  • Before you start jumping up and down with glee, there are some things you must consider..
  • Is there a fit between your work and such a program…e.g. do you sell originals or are you only interested in drawing traffic to your print gallery here?…even if it’s just to draw traffic here it works really well.
  • How formal are you going to make your affiliate program?…will you have online forms to complete or will this be an informal set up for friends and family only?
  • Should there be repeat fees, if the same buyer purchases more work from you?
  • How will you set up the payments?…your affiliates will need to know how they’re going to be paid..
  • Additionally it might be a good idea to set up a paypal account to make purchasing your work easier for buyers

Alison Stanfield has a very organized affiliate program to sell her products…quoting from her blog..
“You sign up and receive an Affiliate Number and Affiliate Link
You promote my products and services on your Web site, blog, and in email—through your new Affiliate Link
You get paid for each purchase made through your Affiliate Link.
I pay you 40% for all audio recordings (including teleseminars) and CDs, Art Biz Reports, and books and e-books. For consultations and online classes ($99 and up), you will be paid a flat $25 referral payment”…
She has a simple form to complete and guides you all the way through from start to finish

Most artists offer between 10 to 40% commissions on completed sales to their affiliates…
Some get together with a group of like minded artists with a view to selling each others works (more on this in another post)…they place each others works on their blogs or websites which link either to the artist or the work itself..
Offline they sometimes place the actual works in their homes, church or place of work…
Each agreement is individual, but all are to the mutual benefit to the artists involved

Are you already involved in an affiliate program?
Are you interested in setting one up to market your own work

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