It Does Happen...

I see copyright infringements every day, here on RB and around the net on blogs and websites…the most common these days are images grabbed from Google and pinned on Pinterest..most people are under the impression that they will suffer no repercussions except for the odd takedown notice…big mistake…
The following is a link to an article by someone who infringed another’s copyright, about her experience with copyright violation and how she got sued…an expensive lesson learned



  • © Kira Bodensted
    © Kira Bodenstedover 1 year ago

    Thank you Janis for posting this I have read it all and it is great information.
    I also see it every day. I have written a warning into the group rules, but I’m not going to police my members.
    This message should be spread as much as possible also to those who don’t read your journals.
    Can I copy this journal and also post it in my group?

  • Please post a link to the journal in your group by all means as I think everyone should have the information…

    – © Janis Zroback

  • Beatrice Cloake
    Beatrice Cloakeover 1 year ago

    I am so glad that you posted this link Janis!

    I have had a discussion on Linkedin with artists who some of them thought that there was no harm using a photographer’s picture without asking for permission.
    Some were really forceful saying that it was ridiculous to talk about Copyright with such matter!!!

  • They should all read this journal…it is a very serious matter indeed…do spread the news about this journal…

    – © Janis Zroback

  • Mui-Ling Teh
    Mui-Ling Tehover 1 year ago

    Nice to see some people are considerate…

  • It is more than that…she was bitten very badly through carelessness and wants to spread the word..

    – © Janis Zroback

  • Richard George
    Richard Georgeover 1 year ago

    good article, thanks for sharing…

  • You’re very welcome Richard…

    – © Janis Zroback

  • Randy Sprout
    Randy Sproutover 1 year ago

    Ha ha, the way to catch them is this fabulous search image site: I have caught even a local LA Bank using my painting of the 1st Street Train Station. They thought by giving me a “by line” that they had the right to publish my painting on their webpage. Well good for them they paid when confronted.

  • Good for you Randy…we have to take a stand..
    By the way Google reverse image search is even better than Tineye for finding your images…

    – © Janis Zroback

  • Did you do it through lawyers right from the start and did you have to go to court?

    – © Janis Zroback

  • Randy Sprout
    Randy Sproutover 1 year ago

    I did it myself with a simple letter and ended up with an extra $150.00 So here’s their page now:

  • Randy did you specify how long they were going to be able to use the image?…essentially they’ve licensed it from you and it should be for a specific time….you should get more really and there should be a contract between you and them..

    – © Janis Zroback

  • Ann Warrenton
    Ann Warrentonover 1 year ago

    Thank you for this important message. I am one who uses what is called free images off of Bing. I better go do some house cleaning. Thannk you again.

  • Ann a lot of times the images are not free even if the websites say so…e.g. there are a lot of sites that say free wallpaper to download, when in fact the images are stolen from photographers websites…there are sites offering my images as free wallpaper…it’s better to buy your images…that way you’re safe..

    – © Janis Zroback

  • Randy Sprout
    Randy Sproutover 1 year ago

    I have their contract for one year. Who knows, they may want another one next year? One of their board members is now even considering buying this painting!

  • That’s great…if they renew it they have to pay again…hopefully you can get more…put a high price if they are going to buy the is a great painting…

    – © Janis Zroback

  • Robyn Williams
    Robyn Williamsover 1 year ago

    Timely advice!

  • Yes it is…thanks Robyn..

    – © Janis Zroback

  • Terri Maddock
    Terri Maddockover 1 year ago

    Really important information Janis – thank you for posting

  • You’re very welcome Terri…

    – © Janis Zroback