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The Home Gallery..

Section of a wall in my kitchen
A home gallery is seen by family and friends and can even be open to the public…it provides them with the ability to buy on the spot, but also great ideas about how the works they purchase can be utilized and displayed, even down to the postcard size….

“Photographer Alan Briot agrees…he says that "where you show your work is just as important as what work you show".

“Unfortunately he says, we don’t always have control over the setting in which we show our work. In fact, more often than not, we have to take what is being offered to us. However, there are instances where we have a certain amount of control over this setting..
One setting where we have far more, if not total control is at a gallery that is operated by us, a home gallery
". Alan Briot..

“Another idea is to share the space with artist friends…A handful of canny artists have kick-started a booming industry by opening up their private homes to sell original art and designer homewares to up to 200 people a day. For the buyer it’s about purchasing choice pieces by established and emerging names, in the kind of informal setting that’s easy to identify with. That, and you get to have a good snoop at someone else’s house…if you are showing with friends, a domestic space can demystify art for people – especially those intimidated by formal galleries – and the social aspect of exhibiting with others"..
The Independent

Artist Olivia Alexander said of her decision to exhibit from home"..My experience so far has been galleries ‘over promising’ and ‘under delivering’. I guess it takes time to find the ‘right’ gallery for each individuals artworks and I will continue to explore this area .
Pricing has also been an issue.What with the cost of commission, GST, framing and materials it can be hard to be competitive in a slow market
Olivia Alexander

Mine is not a formal home gallery in that it is not open to the public, but my art is displayed all around the home…it gives both prospective buyers, friends and family a good idea of how the works look on the walls and how they would show in their own homes…
I often move pieces around and change them from time to time not only for my own amusement, but also to show the effectiveness of different pieces in the same room…you can see in the small sampling below, how the works show around the house

My office wall adorned with Apple Still Life Paintings..
A kitchen wall sports a number of small works on canvas.
An Armchair in the sunroom shows a Pillow I created from one of my floral paintings and which is sold at Zazzle…..the painting which is sold here is on a nearby table..
Two walls in the living room are decorated with large paintings, both sold here…
My Chinese paintings framed but in postcard size…even at this size they can make an impact

Do you sell from home?

If you don’t but would like to, here is one link I found…How to sell Art from home

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