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Something about me

At first: please excuse my mistakes and linguistic uncertainty!!
My name is Ita, I am from northern Germany, born on an island, now living in Hamburg.
Long long ago I studied art, painting and graphics, but this never was my real passion.
I saw that I would never become a great painter…and so I became a teacher (of art and play-acting) and I am still teaching.
I had photographer-parents, as a child I spent many nights with my mother in the small darkroom developing her and my shots.
10 years ago, when my analog equipment was stolen, I bought my first digital camera and started trying collages and other manipulations.
And I loved it!
Meanwhile I work with Photoshop CS2 and a Sony Alpha 350 DSLR.
My wonderful partner in life is also partner in computering…he has no problems with looking for whole weekends into the monitor.
My other passions are horses and riding…and traveling.

A friend invited me to have a look on RB, and I loved to watch the quantity of quality here, and so I joined in November 2009.
And, what a big surprise, some of my artworks became featured,
even I became a featured artist in the wonderful group “Altered by Design”…thanks to all the hosts!!!
Now I nearly feel at home here, a big Thank You also to everybody who shares her/his artwork with us,
to everybody who watches my work,
to everybody who comments it and even favorites a picture now and then!

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