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January half days (2015)

sinful sails roll by / take lustful men to strange shores / like god told us to / ============ / sinful sails roll by / take lustful men to…

God & Lucifer

God and Lucifer / both locked at the hip / God loses his face / Lucifer his grip

Religious Haiku

Yaweh steals from you / what you won’t give him freely / Jehovah. God. Thief / ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++…

Irreparable me

all my life is wrong / there is no song and no rhyme

June Commute 2012

father forgive them / they know not where the rave’s at

Delicious Imperial

delicious poison

June Commute 2012

we should drag ourselves with rope

Ching Ming

coins fall down stairways / for ghosts under the bridges

Commute 04/07/2012

malodorous stench

Haiku poems about Foshan, Yueyue

Welcome to Foshan / a two year old girl / bleeds out like fucked up livestock / welcome to Foshan / ---—————&…

4 November 2011 Haiku

…bedrock of mailce
Camera obscura by pAgEdOwN Waterlillies in the sun by pAgEdOwN 'S' by pAgEdOwN Openness by pAgEdOwN Supernatural (Myponga Hills) by pAgEdOwN Self-portrait by pAgEdOwN Wishbone collection by pAgEdOwN

The supermarket rang / inviting us to lunch / All the girls did frown / when the pirates came around / sitting on the bench / playing hock…

I met a man with glass pockets. His pants were made of cotton but when he pulled his pockets out you could see that they were made of glass…
Shooting Star by pAgEdOwN 3am Saturday night by pAgEdOwN Argiro by pAgEdOwN Invisible backhoe by pAgEdOwN Deejay by pAgEdOwN Jane by pAgEdOwN Rear-view mirror by pAgEdOwN West Wind, South Wind by pAgEdOwN Alley by pAgEdOwN Alley garden, Tai O by pAgEdOwN Fish in cane basket by pAgEdOwN Tai O fishing boat with string of fish by pAgEdOwN Fish market by pAgEdOwN A fair measure by pAgEdOwN

Remember us

Remember us in your mansion on the hill / Remember us, / With your big tables / And fourteen foot high ceilings / Remember us / We live on …


As I lay in bed thinking / I could hear the rain / on the galvanised iron roof. / Wind crying and swirling / howling ’round the town…
Journal --musings on culture & social minority by pAgEdOwN Journal by pAgEdOwN how I know by pAgEdOwN

Haiku (5,7,5)

Your mind can expand / / radio broadcasts tell me / / All you do is just… / / ---———————…
Mo-vember by pAgEdOwN A devil ascends by pAgEdOwN An angel falls by pAgEdOwN stay true by pAgEdOwN


Alone. Change. Now a community, waiting.


Dost thou? I do. We’re done!


Snake eyes. There goes the house!

Wooden. …I’m not a real boy?!


Help me down dad, it hurts.

Satisfied at the post office

Wet and sticky, for 55 cents.


Slide on over. (That makes two.)

Travel is murder

Screaming, they died. Now we disembark.

Six word story

Suddenly it was over. …What next?

Add a written work

Add a written work
I woke up too early by pAgEdOwN Steve by pAgEdOwN Paradox series VII by pAgEdOwN Paradox series VI by pAgEdOwN Paradox series V by pAgEdOwN Paradox series IV by pAgEdOwN Paradox series III by pAgEdOwN Paradox series II  by pAgEdOwN Paradox series I  by pAgEdOwN culture by pAgEdOwN Heart by pAgEdOwN car3 by pAgEdOwN car1 by pAgEdOwN car2 by pAgEdOwN


I see her eyes, I see her hair / She looks to the world without a care / Seeming not to notice that I stare / BUT IT’S ALL I CAN DO T…
kettle song by pAgEdOwN Born under a Bad Star by pAgEdOwN Bad moon rising by pAgEdOwN Self Portrait by pAgEdOwN Brown Paisley by pAgEdOwN


Sam had stars in his eyes / He was certain that he was going to make it big!

Haiku (3,5,3)

Treacle tin / green and sticky tin / filled with glut / ---————————


Short trip / Spoon drain dip / sharp turn / fast travel / bad angle / loose gravel / back-end fishtail / Spoon drain dip / bad angle / brok…


Candy on the mirror / sticky candy stain / Five dark thoughts I kept hidden in my brain.
heart diagram by pAgEdOwN


Who is this man / wild-eyed and terrible? / wailing unstoppable? / Sobbing, crying, weeping / Sobbing tears / Throat-sobbed sore, / who is …
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