University-era car song, "Trouble-making aphids"

Trouble-making A-a-phids, trouble-making aphids
I’m here on the beach, but I’m well out of reach
Of trouble-making aphids!

I used to sing this to myself sometimes when I was in the car going somewhere on my own, or else in the garden pruning the roses.

It’s a kind of nonsense thing that I made up once. I like the extreme opposites of ideas that it conjures.

I have never yet come across any aphids while I have been at the beach (or roses), although ironically sand-flies are still a problem and I have been bitten by sea-lice in the water —which reminds me of aphids!


  • pAgEdOwN
    pAgEdOwNover 5 years ago


  • pAgEdOwN
    pAgEdOwNover 5 years ago

    It’s also because I have done silly stuff like this both on my own and with friends that I like that show, The Mighty Boosh so much.