7 Ideas Withouut Angst.

1. Progressive ideas within a compositional piece of art are major context’s and worth to the overall representation inside the fundamental structural procedure which is essential in building an art work.

2. Mindless nowhere-ness in methodology that can become a constant to lazy and lethargic dabblers only creates repetitive mainstream sameness that eventually sickens the artist into despair.

3. An idea is simply an idea, and goes nowhere else other than being thus, many artists have an idea but this becomes unstable and in-concrete due to an abuse or offessinsive use to it’s integrity as an idea.

4. The idea when visually interoperated and translated through a medium created through presentation is finished and complete, it should go no further than the visual transcription.

5. Many ideas can be put into a work of art making it more visually appealing.

6. Art is not a craft but a language, many artists become craft people with bespoke manners, this when the pure concept is burnt out making repetitive formulations and giving illusions of grandeur.

7. Art is the natural progression of an initial idea that becomes a continuous metaphor until the composition is complete, it suggests itself to the practitioner that it is finished within the composition or compositions.

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  • Marie Monroe
  • Marie Monroe