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Poetry of love, sadness, happiness, humor & reasoning.

The Omnipresent Toad.

all at break neck speed / you no what you need, / plugged in plugged out / site builders noble scout

Mind of a Surrealist Pig.

I can balance myself erect / on its perfect hairy symmetry.

Mind of a Surrealist Sheep.

wearing the strangest coat of finest twist / that’s all fluffed out like morning mist

I Am The Weather ‘Youngest Foal’

Awaken! noble sire! / tread your way through thorny briar

Mans Best Friend ~ Old Wolvang.

Through meadow whispering brook / and blinding streams he took

Sentence of a Grape.

Stealing Dorian Gray / In factory explosion / Making way to be eaten / Like gentle gooseberry

The Dark Season.

‘’Oh is God in the house’’ we ask


Hungry Knowing such dreams and imaginary


Drunks wouls cry, small children die.

Ode to New.

Snow and rain thats never the same


We love much your sucidal grace that you give our human race.

Winters River Dog.

Flowers weeping for sunshine.

9-15 To Bristol.

Visitors to the temple carriage.

Bed time story.

Giant angel sat knitting hills and trees



Cinema Love.

On smouldering owl breaking nights


Like tax on a fly.

Dream Collector.

Moving upward to the medial pre-optic area.

Velvetine Flakes.

Sparkling flowers on midnight breeze / Magic a spell to make it rain / All laid out on velvetine with sentry

One Tree.

Over chainsaw orchestras.


For if you could sing hearts would chime.

The Honeymoon.

Threw your best shoes out the window.

Stanley Spencer.

The bible greatest ever newspaper.

City Life.

A vagrant smiles wide across roofs / pocket full of statues / wanting coin.

Strange Thing.

That strange thing.


Needing to be amongst rotten cud.


On ivy laddered stems.

Internet Hell.

Paedophiles and schitzophrenics / Stinking sit


Powered by interstella dust

Safe Sex.

Our eyes like full moons.

Plastic Land.

By factory scientists

Park Shark.

Four hundred pounds of dog shit fertilizer.

Strange Whispers.

Beckoning like virgin prostitutes.

Midnight City.

Like shrinking fresh Auwschwitz lampshades.


The poem is made of 63 titles from a total 254 artworks

Paper Moons.

Like singing ballerinas pirouette

Shopping Mall or 21st Century Penal Colony.

Social gathering if you like / Push your food around Mike / On star parade caked music.

Psychotic Dreams.

Planets emit from my mouth.

Orgasm Take One Every Three Days.

Like cheating at prayers.

24 hours..

Velvet chattering shroud on day,s memory.

The Passion of Smoking a Roll Up.

Loving its glowing emberd orange tip.

Dyslexic Fool…

Grinding your stupidity


To alpha, omega, Zen, Buddha, Krishna, all ism’s,Christ, mathematics and science.

Bread and CHEESE, or a Snippet from Dostoevsky.

7. Chekhov Screws Marilyn Munroe.

Green Azure Blue Sound

Shrines a moon to ponder and wed.

A Falling Petal.

How to be the eternal dream.

Private Limbless Soldier.

Breaking legs at fields on slaughter / Bellies full of bombs making new laughter.

NHS Glasses.

The finest lenses polished with sand.
Untitled by Andy Nawroski Music Score. by Andy Nawroski Creepy Tree. by Andy Nawroski The Mother of all Flies. by Andy Nawroski Photograph. by Andy Nawroski Portrait. by Andy Nawroski Portrait Study. by Andy Nawroski The Herbalist [in progress]. by Andy Nawroski True Blue. by Andy Nawroski

Brown Paper Package.

Day after month, month after year / a scribbling psychotic clown, / some story kind of appear.

Brolly Brains 2

Brolly is grown by scientists in area 52 / And cultivated in low gravity conditions / With alien spores collected from the Roswell incident

Circular Ancestry Circular.

Distinct/ional circular ancestry / Constant thermodynamic molecular clock / Singing scientific sequencing dimorphic slicing mechanism’s / B…

The Poets Visionary Brick and Scratch Card..

to look away / and fade / a communist brick

An Affair with Mermaids.

your toes / whistling growing / like / Pinocios nose.

Wild Horses.

graizing / waiting / for my / offer
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