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Baldwinsville, United States


old age draws near

like glass shards in the rain, clear clean / pain, awashed with fear, as old age draws near


like a bee, / I want to taste / the flower I see,

and i love you


yesterday by ozzy skateboard

it happened yesterday / the words slipped out

all shall communicate by ozzy skateboard

soon all will sync up / all shall communicate / the colors of the rainbow / shall drip from my fingers

Apathy by Ozzy Skateboard

I like Frankenstein / sit here and wait / smoking cigarettes / as the hours grow late

MUSIC by Ozzy Skateboard,

thirsty ears gulping / colored globs of sound / tasting textures rich / flavors still resound

Eclipse to despair by Ozzy Skateboard

I had no warning / eclipse to despair
tiedye by OzzySkateboard lsd peak by OzzySkateboard devil v neck by OzzySkateboard eye by OzzySkateboard xtc by OzzySkateboard alien by OzzySkateboard astronaut by OzzySkateboard protozoa by OzzySkateboard lsd by OzzySkateboard Cosmic by OzzySkateboard Godlike by OzzySkateboard Devil by OzzySkateboard

Apathy by Ozzy Skateboard

I like Frankenstein / sit here and wait

Music by Ozzy Skateboard

thirsty ears gulping / colored globs of sound / tasting textures rich / flavors still resound
shun2 by OzzySkateboard Ballet by OzzySkateboard grab by OzzySkateboard Relaxation by OzzySkateboard good morning angel by OzzySkateboard after bath of blue by OzzySkateboard tied up passion by OzzySkateboard calm by OzzySkateboard angel blue by OzzySkateboard leap out of night by OzzySkateboard soap and i by OzzySkateboard pink haze by OzzySkateboard cold brick wall by OzzySkateboard angelo by OzzySkateboard

Prison for the mind

Slowly minutes go by / each one as a lifetime / forced to sit and bare / until horizon line / no rise fall of waves / nor currents and tide…
Mr. Snugglebear's Christmas 3 by OzzySkateboard Mr. Snugglebear's Christmas 2 by OzzySkateboard Mr. Snugglebear's Christmas by OzzySkateboard Coming Attractions 5 by OzzySkateboard Coming Attractions 4 by OzzySkateboard Coming Attractions 3 by OzzySkateboard Coming Attractions 2 by OzzySkateboard Coming Attractions 1 by OzzySkateboard cozy and warm (lite) by OzzySkateboard cozy and warm by OzzySkateboard I am Ghost (in black) by OzzySkateboard I am Ghost (in red) by OzzySkateboard Snow by OzzySkateboard I think I let it 1 by OzzySkateboard I think I let It 3 by OzzySkateboard I Let It I Think by OzzySkateboard

Dream by Ozzy Skateboard

now I lay down / in the darkness / now I can hide / my thoughts can speak / now I sort out / the facts and feelings / now I wonder / how th…

Ghost by Ozzy Skateboard

I am ghost / my hand passes threw / I am empty / my words have no breathe / I am freezing / my flame is snuffed out / I am darkness / my he…

Love is just brass by Ozzy Skateboard

resigned to my fate / numb and sedate / had found a way / to pacify days / “this is not good” / my maker then said, / “l…

Snow by Ozzy Skateboard

snow like a blank page covers the lawn / cold and clean proof summer is gone / beautiful clumps now hang on the trees / tricking the mind o…

Innocent Tears by Ozzy Skateboard

it was years ago and so far away / young Billy would come over to play / with Tonka trucks and climbing trees / soon we found some magazin…

Coming Attractions by Ozzy Skateboard

Coming now / in pre-release / with every twinge / a surge increase / restraining hard / until it peaks / and with it comes / that gentle gl…
You Were Not There  by OzzySkateboard

Pain Exposed by Ozzy Skateboard

Only one day after / from the pain I exposed / ignored once again / is just how it goes / watching the dog get / the love I deserve / this…

You Were Not There by Ozzy Skateboard

House by my self / wine plastic cup / smoking to fast / music turned up

I let it I think by Ozzy Skateboard

I knew it would happen / I let it I think / the Rolling Stones blasting / the smell of pot stink / he laid down his head / upon my young la…

Mr. Fly by Ozzy Skateboard

Time to die, Mr. Fly / buzzing and landing / you tickle my thigh / I lost you, I hate you / now twitching, I stare / I’m searching t…

All The While by Ozzy Skateboard

hello my friend / i hate that you feel down / and you know / i feel down too / when your not around / i ache inside to help you / to fight …

Eventually by Ozzy Skateboard

behind your back / when no one sees / magic happens / eventually

Hello by Ozzy Skateboard

hello my sweet lovely princess / who is so beautiful and kind / with eyes of green that smile at me / and pierce this heart of mine.

One by Ozzy Skateboard

And when I hold your hand / The world and time will fly away / and I will feel forever in that day / I will look into your eyes and say / …

Destiny by Ozzy Skateboard

There is a time / there is a place / when our love / no longer waits / in that moment / you shall see / that our love / was destiny.

Dead Leaves by Ozzy Skateboard

dead leaves of summer / scattered on the ground / just bursting with color / beneath autumn sound

Walking Dead by Ozzy Skateboard

emotion compressed to diamond / heart as heavy as lead / cause without you my darling / I’ve become the walking dead

Wednesday by Ozzy Skateboard

Like water / motionless / cleared of play / quietly reflecting / on a Wednesday

Country Dark by Ozzy Skateboard

In Canada / when i was a kid / they had a outhouse / and a wood stove / the best pies you ever tasted / you could hear a car / five miles a…

Came To Me by Ozzy Skateboard

In a car / I think of your eyes / seeing the trees / and fields go by / and all the wonders / of your mind, / all is green / and no sea / s…

Such Love by Ozzy Skateboard

When we are old / in hospital beds / use the web / to chat instead / nurses will see and say / “never seen / such love as they”

Your Hand by Ozzy Skateboard

i wonder what your hand feels like / how would it feel in mine / tight and clingy or soft and refined / i have a feeling it will be / the m…

Collapse by Ozzy Skateboard

our lips / our torsos / our hips / our thighs / our moisture / our straining / our collapse / inside.

Deep Inside by Ozzy Skateboard

eyes so close / noses touch / tummy’s rub / pelvic thrust / deep inside / I shall be / running merging / rivers free

Shards Of Glass by Ozzy Skateboard

what happen to me / angry as can be / what happen me / why do i scream / what happen to me / why can’t i see / what happen to me / wh…

Here I Lie by Ozzy Skateboard

here i lie / old fossil on the floor / just as drunk as the night before / here i lie / with tear stained past / now all my dreams / just m…
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