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Torn curtains

It takes half a dozen clothes pegs to close the curtains in my father’s bedroom, which he does every night. The curtains are rags but my mother chose them and they will not be replaced!!

Every time that I’ve touched them. These curtains tear a bit more. If mediums could communicate; if there was a telephone to the other side, my mother would be telling him to get rid of them!
She was very down-to-earth / practical, like her father. Several people have tried – people who are close to him. But no!

The other day, it was only at the chemist’s that I’d remembered that that day would have been her birthday. Apart from the very many photos, these ‘curtains’ are still a presence.

( My father calls the clothes pegs mikkies. {We always speak Dutch but pegs are wasknijpers . Where mikkies comes from. I don’t know.)
I see these rags (rather than all the photos) as symbolic of the friendship between my parents, which began in 1930.

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